Mace (Cocky Cage Fighter #4)(8)

By: Lane Hart

"Ah, sweetheart. Why you gotta go and say shit like that to me?" Mason closes his eyes and continues to grumble. "That small, hypothetical piece of fabric between your legs is the only thing keeping me on my best behavior since you're about to become my sister's sister. Now that you've theoretically yanked it away? Well, I can't be held accountable for anything I say. Or do."

"So your dirty mouth is capable of gettin’ even filthier?" I tease.

"Oh yeah," he says with a nod. His eyes suddenly seem darker, absent of gold and now an army green underneath his thick lashes. The slow swipe of his tongue across his lower lip mesmerizes me. "You would be fucking amazed at all the filthy things my mouth is capable of. In fact, if you change your mind and decide to go commando this week, it would be incredibly easy for me to give you a very... thorough demonstration."

I let out an audible gasp after he...did he really just... Quit freaking out, my inner caveslut huffs with a roll of her eyes. He just offered you oral sex, no biggie. Drop your wet panties and sit on his face. I gasp again at her audacity. The warmth spreadin’ across my cheeks and...other body parts shoot straight up to thermal nuclear levels.

"You...ah...that's..." When the familiar ringtone pipes up from my purse, I almost jump for joy at the distraction. I dig it out, seein’ that it's Linc.

"Hello?" I answer and turn away from the big, handsome man to see if my brain will start workin’ again.


"Hey," I echo, since words are failin’ me.

"Did Mace’s slack ass finally find you?" he asks.

"Uh-huh." Yeah, he found me all right, and he is well on his way to findin’ out if my bikini waxer missed any spots.

"Everything okay? Are you on the road yet?"

"Um, no. Luggage lost." Yay, I'm almost capable of speakin’ in full sentences again!

"The airline lost your luggage?" Linc is thankfully able to interpret. "Shit, sorry, Hailey. Are you gonna just grab some things on the way down?"

"Yeah, goin’ shoppin’."

"You could just go by Mom and Dad's. Don't you have some clothes and all there?"

Oh yeah! Why didn't I think of that? Probably because the sexy giant turned my brain to mush. All the clothes at my childhood home are five or more years old, but I can make do.

"Good idea. That should save some time and money."

"Okay. So if it's a little after eleven now, you should be here by five or six at the latest, right?" he asks.

"Yeah. What's on the weddin’ agenda tonight?"

"Nothin’, just hangin’ out around the pool and cookin’ out. We’re beat after the rental, caterin’ arrangements, and all the other shit we had to do today."

I shiver at the thought of a dreaded pool because that means havin’ to put on a swimsuit. "Well, go have fun with your bride and I’ll see ya’ll in a few," I tell him.

"You, too," he says, and then, "Wait, put Mace on the phone real quick."

"Okay," I reply and then turn around to offer my cell to the tall, smilin’ man. Or at least he was smilin’ until my brother said somethin’ to make it disappear.

Chapter Three


(But I really like when she calls me May-Son)

"Hello?" I say into Hailey’s phone. No matter how hard I try, I’m unable to lift my eyes from the most delicious pair of tits I’ve ever seen. I want to lick them and suck them. Get them nice and wet before I fuck them. Hey! That sounds like a killer song. I wanna lick ‘em, suck ‘em, get ‘em nice and wet before I fuck ‘em.

"Don't even think of fuckin’ with Hailey," Linc warns me without preamble. What the hell? Is he psychic? Did I accidentally sing my new song aloud?

"Um, okay?" I reply. What else is there for me to say besides too late? After I spotted her, I lied about how long it would take to make it over to her because I wanted to see if she would have any sort of physical reaction to me. It was so fucking worth it too, seeing those big blue eyes of hers gobble me up in obvious appreciation of my years of kicking ass in the cage. Her nipples turned on the high beams and she couldn’t even speak to me or her brother in full sentences. Her brother who is not even close to being done with his warning.