Mace (Cocky Cage Fighter #4)(6)

By: Lane Hart

"How'd you...I thought you said..." Way to go, Hailey, my inner bitch chastises me. You've now lost the ability to speak in a complete sentence.

"I was closer than I thought," he responds with a shrug of his wide, muscular shoulders.

“Ah, good, I guess.” Doesn't explain how he knew what I looked like. Guess Linc gave him a description. I can practically hear my brother describin’ me to Mason now, "Just look for the giraffe among the antelope. Can't miss her."

He tears open a few sugar packets, dumps them into his coffee, and then swirls it around with a red stir straw before popping on the lid. I watch, entranced with each and every muscle in his tattooed arm that flexes. After that's taken care of, he reaches and grabs another red stirrer and offers it to me. "A rain check on owing you, since I was a jackass and made you wait.”

I look at the peace offerin’ for a second before I finally accept it, slippin’ the stirrer into my purse to buy some time to decide what I might want from him. “Anything?” I ask when I look back up at him, wonderin’ if that covers lickin’ his tattoo. Or even better, his incredible ass.

“Anything,” he agrees, his handsome face dead serious. “So, soon-to-be-sis, you ready to hit the road?"

Whoa! I don't like that word sis at all, since there is nothin’ sisterly about what I was thinkin’ about him. "We're not actually gonna be related," I tell him.

"My sister will be your sister, and your brother will be my brother, so wouldn't that make me your brother by marriage?"

"That’s definitely not how it works, so please don’t call me that."

"Okay, fine." He chuckles. "This all your luggage?" He nods to the white leather Dolce & Gabanna carry-on bag beside my feet that matches my purse. I watch as his eyes slowly follow my legs all the way up and over the hem of my dress before comin’ to a stop at my bust, where they remain for longer than is polite.

"Um, one of three bags. I need to grab the other two on the way out," I tell him, unable to resist reachin’ up to smooth my ponytail, fidgetin’ nervously under his gaze. I can practically hear what he's thinkin’, Pretty face and big tits, she’d be kind of hot if she lost a few pounds. The story of my life.

"Lead the way, sweetheart," Mason says to me with a smile and arm sweep toward the baggage claim, after he picks up my carry-on. It takes me a minute for my feet to start movin’ since I get distracted by his muscles again. I cannot wait to load him up with heavier luggage to see more of those puppies pop.

I may or may not be guilty of swayin’ my hips a little more than usual, knowin’ he's walkin’ behind me and possibly lookin’ at my ass. Some guys like bigger ones, maybe he does, too. Is he lookin’ at my ass? I wanna glance behind me to check, but resist. Until I hear…hummin’ and then… Is he seriously singin’?

My high heels stop movin’ and I give in to the urge to look over my shoulder, raisin’ an eyebrow in question. There's no way I can suppress the smile on my face, despite how hard I try to remain unaffected by the flatterin’ lyrics.

"Devil With A Blue Dress On," he says, givin’ a nod in the direction of my blue sundress as if I didn't recognize the familiar tune. The widenin’ grin on his face causes my own to expand. His is so damn big that there are these adorable matchin’ smile lines on each side of his upturned lips, like his sexy mouth thought it needed to be offset in a pair of parenthesis so you wouldn’t miss it among all of his other fine facial assets. Strong jaw. Dark scruff from not shavin’ this mornin’, thicker over his sideburns and chin. Emerald eyes with hypnotizin’ swirls of gold that he doesn’t take off mine for even an instant.

"Oh, so I'm the devil?" I ask.

"Only in the best way," he replies smoothly.

"How do you know?" I look up into his humor-filled expression. I'm not used to havin’ to look up at anyone, and it's...really nice. He makes me feel all girly because he's so big and strong. It's probably just some primal inner cavewoman approval thing, because based on his sheer size, he would make an ideal mate, providin’ protection and warmth. Senn is the only other man who has ever invoked the same sort of instant physical attraction from me. Now I'm on my way to live in a beach house with him for a week since Senn is my brother's best man. Yay for me and all the awkward fun that will be! Oh God. What if Senn brought a date? I had kind of been hopin’ we could pick things up from where they left off last summer. Stupid and silly, I shake those annoyin’ thoughts from my head and focus on the buff giant in front of me. "You just met me two minutes ago, so I could be a complete, ragin’ bitch."

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