Mace (Cocky Cage Fighter #4)(2)

By: Lane Hart

"Gahh. Just make it stop," she says as she offers the screeching device to me and cuddles back up to my chest. Oh, and lazily licks circles around one of my nipples. "Then get your hard cock off my stomach and inside me."

"You know what to do. Put a rubber on me and mount up," I tell her absently as I roll to my back and blink at the screen in my hands. The words, "Airport 9:30 don't be late" stare back at me. Airport? Oh shit. My phone says it's already 9:33. Not that I’ve ever used the feature before, but why in the world did I set a reminder for the exact time I'm supposed to be somewhere?

By this point, a naked Erica is straddling my hips and smoothing the condom down my hard shaft. My hands instantly shoot out and are on her small but perky tits a second later. Planes are always late, right? When my cock disappears into her snug heat, I decide I don't really give a fuck. I'll drive fast. I'll fuck faster. This is what I need to erase the nightmare and the painful memories so they won’t haunt me all damn day.

Moving lower, my big mitts almost touch each other as I grip Erica’s slender waist. I push her body down and thrust my hips up, bouncing her on my cock. The effect on her tits is phenomenal, but it’s not enough.

“Enough with the lazy fuck,” I warn her when she keeps rocking slowly back and forth on me. “Faster or I’ll have to do it myself. Is that what you want?”

“God yes,” she moans, and closes her dark chocolate eyes.

"Mmm," Monica mutters from beside us as she slowly stirs awake. When I glance over, I see that she’s spread her legs and is reaching down to play with herself. Now I have to take care of all three of us at the same time. Easy.

As a two-hundred-pound MMA fighter, it takes no effort to lift Erica, who is petite and a hundred pounds lighter than me, off my cock to get out from under her. Now behind her, my hand on the back of her hair guides her head down between Monica’s legs, where she eagerly starts licking the other woman’s pussy. Monica screams and her back arches off the mattress, well on her way to an orgasm before I even get my cock lined up and rammed into Erica from behind.

“Oh! Oh! Ohhh!” Erica moans with each of my brutal, punishing thrusts, distracted from her job. I remind her by pressing her face back into the pussy I know she likes to eat probably more than she loves to suck my cock.

“Yes! Fuck yes!” Monica moans as she squeezes her own heavy breasts and convulses underneath Erica and me.

Knowing she’s gotten off, I pick up the pace, fucking Erica so hard I’m almost afraid my cock might drill right through her small body. She cries out louder and louder, spurring me on until her pussy squeezes around my shaft, holding me hostage deep inside of her. I tell my cock he's good to go, pumping my hips one more time before I finally explode.

"Fuck," I groan as the last pleasurable shudder leaves my body. Now that is how I like to start the day. "God that was good," I tell the women. "But I gotta go. I'm late and my new brother-in-law is probably gonna kill me."

I still don't understand why I have to pick up Linc’s sister from the airport and chauffer her ass to the beach where he and my sister, Claire, are getting ready for their wedding. When I asked him why she couldn't drive herself, Linc said she had let her driver's license expire while living in New York and hasn't had a chance to renew it. My response was So fucking what? It's not like she's gonna get pulled over driving the five hours to the coast, but whatever. I'll do what he asked because Linc's a nice guy and makes my sister happy. If it wasn’t for him, I’d still be fighting underground for a few bucks instead of training at Havoc for an upcoming IFC fight worth fifty fucking grand if I win and twenty grand if I lose.

"Aw," Monica whines. "Take us with you to the beach."

Right. I'm sure my sister would love having me bunk with these two for a week in Linc’s beach house that we're sharing with his family and the entire wedding party.

"Sorry, ladies, but my sister is gonna keep me busy doing all sorts of shit to get ready for the wedding. Starting with getting my ass to the airport."

I reluctantly lift myself off Erica to head for the bathroom. After taking the quickest shower of my life, I brush my teeth and put on jeans and a wife-beater. Then I'm ready to go.

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