Mace (Cocky Cage Fighter #4)(107)

By: Lane Hart

Her hand rubs lovingly over her bump. “Yeah, I’ve felt good today, and haven’t been sick at all. We should celebrate.”

“We should,” I agree. “Miriah is staying with Eden tonight, so you know what that means?”

“The house will be quiet and feel empty?” she asks.

“Well, yeah, but you won’t be empty,” I promise her. “And you can be as loud as you want.”

“Oh, is that right?” she asks.

“We could even do something completely crazy, like get out of town for the night. I know this really great little B&B next to a diner that has the best peanut butter cake…”

“Now that sounds like a great idea.”

“Damn right,” I tell her.

She laughs, and is still smiling when her eyes finally land on me where I’m half-hidden behind a column.

Right on time, I notice proudly when I end our call to go to her. Eleven-eleven on June sixth is the exact moment I fell in love with that smile ten years ago. And the young, stupid me from that day was right. I'll not only keep my promise to love her for better or for worse, through sickness and health, for richer or poorer, but I'm also certain that I would still do anything on God’s green Earth just to see her smile.

The End

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