Love of Liberty

By: Lila Rose

Chapter One



I watched through the shop window as the sheriff placed a lock on the tyre of my car. It was night-time for fuck’s sake. Didn’t the bastards sleep? Or were they like the living dead and drove around to suck you dry?

Okay, I was over-exaggerating, but my poor car. I really should have paid those fines. Then again, I shouldn’t have gotten them since I’d been in a hurry each and every time.

Not that it mattered, apparently.

I couldn’t do anything about it. Even back when I received the fines, I couldn’t do anything about it then either, since I was in debt up to my forehead.

Slipping my mobile from the back pocket of my jeans, I pressed the button for the one person I knew I could trust with my life. I’d be in for a lecture from her, I had no doubt about it. Though she didn’t know about my debt or the cause of it, and when she did, she was going to be pissed. Eventually, she’d understand.

“Hello?” Chance, one of Jade’s men, answered.

“I need to talk to Jade.”

I heard him tell her it was me, and then her voice came over the line. “Hey, honey, what’s up?”

“Jade.” I lowered my voice to a whisper in case others were around listening in to what a loser I was. “I’m in trouble.”

“What’s wrong?” Jade’s tone turned urgent.

“My car’s about to be impounded. I don’t have the money to pay off all my fines because I’ve given nearly every cent to my mum. I fucked up. I know I did. I should have paid all the fines as I got them, but I didn’t. I made some mistakes, and now it’s going to bite me on my butt. Fuck, I’ll have to go to court. I’ll probably have to do jail time to pay off my fines, and then I’ll also lose my job because of it all, and my bloody mother….”

A man beside me grunted out a laugh. Turning to him, I glared, raised my upper lip off my teeth and gnashed at him. His eyes widened, and he backed off.

“Why haven’t you told me any of this?” Jade whispered.

With a sigh, I looked at the floor and told her, “I was ashamed.”

“I thought you’d stopped communicating with your mum?”

“I had, but… she’s my mum, Jade. I couldn’t… I just couldn’t not help her.”

“Where are you? Do you need me to come get you?”

“Yes, but, um.…”

“Liberty, where are you?”

“At a sex shop.”

It was her turn to sigh. “Why are you there when you have no money?”

“I was just looking to fill in time until I have to meet your brother. Then I was going to talk him into coming here with me so he could buy some anal beads. I’m interested in seeing if Damien wants to try anal pla—”

“Stop! I do not want to hear what you want to get up to with my brother. Which store are you at and I’ll come get you? But then you’re coming here to talk. I’ll also be calling Damien and then Liam.”

A gasp fell from my lips. “Why in the fuck would you call my boss?”

“He’ll need to know everything to make sure there’s no chance of jail time.”


“No. He’s a good lawyer, Liberty, and I know he’ll help you.”

“And I’ll lose my job in the process,” I complained. I shivered. Coldness touched me everywhere and I suddenly felt sick. I hated people knowing my business. Hell, I even hid it from Jade because I didn’t want her to think of me as a failure, and now they’d all know.

I wanted to cry.

“I doubt it,” my best friend comforted.

Scoffing, I said, “I could, Jade, and where would it leave me? I won’t have any money coming in to pay for shit.” Snorting, I added, “Not that it matters because I’ll probably be in jail being someone’s bitch.”

“Libby….” She sighed. Ignoring my fear of being someone’s bitch, she went on with, “If you go to another lawyer besides him, how do you think he’ll be then?”

Clenching my jaw, I breathed out my nose long and loud. No matter which way I went about it, Liam would be angry.

“Fine,” I bit out through clenched teeth. I told Jade where I was and that I would be waiting for her outside the shop. I was no longer in the mood to browse for sex toys to try out on her brother.

After some time, I saw a Honda Accord round the corner and stood from leaning against the wall. Walking to the curb, I opened the passenger door and leaned down to find Jade sitting in the driver seat glaring at me.

Slipping into the seat, I said, “Why are you glaring?”

“Why do you think? Liberty, the way you called, it sounded as if you were either being kidnapped, killed, or were knocked up. Then I find out you’ve been keeping stuff from me and you’re in debt.” She pulled back into traffic while she kept at me. “Honey, what were you thinking? How could you think I wouldn’t be there to help you in any way? Right from the start, you should have told me your mother was back in town. How much have you given her?” She sighed. “You never, never, need to feel ashamed to tell me anything, Liberty Long. We’re best friends. I’ll have your back even if you were knocked up with an alien baby and people were after you to do tests on. God, even if you wanted to marry Trump”—we both shuddered—“I would even have your back then because that’s what best friends do. Though it would be while I knocked some sense into you at the same time.”

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