Love at First Hate

By: Muriel Garcia

YOU are awesome.

YOU deserve to be happy.

YOU do you.

Do what makes you happy and stay true to yourself.

Don’t change who you are to please others.

January 15, 2016


A lot of people use the word regret and have to live with regrets. Why feel regretful when at that time in your life you felt like what you did was the right thing and the best choice you could make under the circumstances you were given. You just have to shift the word regret into something positive so you won’t have to live with regrets.

Like now, I know I’ll feel bad about this time of my life at some point, but right now, this feels like the best thing for me…and my dick.

Leaning against the wall, I feel warm lips wrap around my already hard and pierced dick. This guy knows exactly what I want and need—to relieve some of the pent-up tension that’s been building inside of me all week and forget the reason why it’s been building up. He doesn’t seem to care that I’m not going to reciprocate, and it’s for the best. It’s all about me and getting some relief. Selfish? Yeah, but who cares when you have a more than willing man ready to suck your cock.

My dick in his hand, the tip in his mouth. He starts to suck harder and jerk me off with his right hand as he massages my balls with his left hand. I lean my head back against the wall and let out a long, deep moan. Meaningless sex has never been my thing, but there comes a time in a man’s life when all he needs is to empty his balls, and that’s exactly what tonight is all about.

He licks and sucks the tip of my cock like he’s having the best lollipop he has ever had. Alternating between sucking and flicking his tongue over the piercing that goes through the tip.

He slowly takes me deeper in his mouth, making me want to beg him to go faster, but I let him go without interrupting. I just want to feel tonight, not think. It’s nice to give up control once in a while.

His head starts bobbing up and down on my cock, his spit lubricating it and making it easier for it to go deeper each time.

From what he said in the little time we’ve spent talking, it’s his first time, yet it doesn’t seem like it at all. It’s like he’s been doing this his whole life. He’s natural, and he appears to be enjoying giving me head as much as I enjoy receiving it. If his moans are anything to go by.

Grabbing the hair at the top of his head, I tilt his head back and look into his eyes. He licks his way up my cock, painfully, slowly, never breaking eye contact. A smirk plays at the corner of his lips with my cock still in his mouth.

He hollows his cheeks to suck me in even harder, making my eyes roll back in my head. It takes me a second to control myself and not come on the spot. Electricity is coursing through my body with the pleasure this guy is bringing me. It feels so fucking good.

He lets go of my cock to bring his lips to my balls. He licks and sucks on them before blowing on them. The hot and cold sensation making me lose my mind ever so slowly.

Everything around us is a blur. The little noise I hear comes from people walking in and out of the bathroom, and even that is softened up. I don’t care if anyone knows what we’re doing, it makes it all the more exciting to be busted.

Up until now, he was more or less in control, but I need to take it back. I’m getting too close to my orgasm to let him ruin it for me. I push him backward so his back and head are against the wall. I start to fuck his mouth, my balls hitting his chin with each thrust. He gags a few times at the unexpected invasion down his throat, but he takes it like a champ and lets me do my thing as I feel my balls tighten and that little niggling down in my spine that tells me I’m about to burst. I pull away from him and jerk off for a few seconds before I explode all over his face, my cum hitting his forehead, nose, lips and chin. I weirdly enjoy seeing it drip down his chin and onto the floor.

My left hand rests against the wall as my right is tightly wrapped around my cock, jerking it lazily until my balls are fully empty. I’m out of breath, and I disgust myself. Why? Because this isn’t me. I’m not one to have booty calls or quickies in a club bathroom. I feel dirty.

I pull my boxers and jeans up before looking one last time at the guy who just sucked me, who still has my cum all over his face. The guy whose name I don’t know and never will.

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