Love Walks In(8)

By: Samantha Chase

“I’m seriously losing my mind,” he grumbled as he walked away from the desk and out the front door.

At each of the dozen resorts Hugh owned, he kept an apartment. It made life easier. Each was designed and decorated to his exact specifications and it gave him a sense of continuity—a sense of home. This particular resort had only one building with more than three floors and he had taken the top-floor suite as his own.

Stepping out into the evening air, he looked around and couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride again. It never got old. This was his. All of it. He’d worked hard, invested well, ran a tight ship, and knew his limitations. Sure, he could have expanded on most of his properties, but Hugh liked a more intimate atmosphere—a place where couples could come and relax. Let the bigger names compete for acreage and the most amenities. What he had accomplished with his resorts was in a class by itself.

The walk to his suite normally would have him turning to the left, but Hugh took the path to the right, toward the gardens. He was restless. Within the hour he’d have dinner brought to his suite and he’d be alone with his thoughts. Not that it was an unusual scenario, but tonight it felt a little more…lonely.

Luckily he had a trip home coming up. It had been almost six months since he’d been back. The last time had been for Darcy’s birthday and even that had been nothing more than a quick weekend.

Or maybe he needed a date.

It had been about three months since he’d last spent a weekend with a woman, and while it certainly wasn’t a record for him, it was amazing how fast the time had gone and how it hadn’t occurred to him until right this minute. As he strolled toward the back of the main building, Hugh tried to picture his date’s face in his mind and couldn’t.

That couldn’t be a good sign. No matter. It was what it was. Note to self—after closing this deal with Bellows and finding a replacement for Heather, he needed to relax with the family. Then it hit him—maybe he should call Riley. Hell, his little brother was one of the biggest rock stars in the world. If anyone could hook him up with someone for a weekend fling, it would be Riley.

Problem solved. With a renewed pep in his step, he turned the corner and saw some movement up ahead. Guests didn’t usually come around to this part of the resort. It was the back of the main building—there weren’t any signs to stop them or warn them away, but it was mainly parking spaces, a couple of small storage buildings, and trees. Nothing to see.

Slowing his pace, he saw someone peeking into one of the windows. Odd. Doing his best to stay out of sight, without losing sight of what was going on, he heard some rustling in the bushes lining the back of the building. Some were taller than others, and now from where he was standing, he couldn’t tell what was going on.

With no other choice, he stepped back out into the open and walked toward this potential…what? Peeper? Perpetrator? Seriously, he had no idea what it was he was about to confront.

“Dammit,” came a muttered voice, and Hugh decided it was definitely female. That piqued his interest. He stopped just on the other side of the tall bush shielding her from his view and realized the woman was looking in his window! The window to his office! What in the world?

Not a minute later, he was appalled to see she was sliding the window open! How had he managed to lock the door to his office and not the window? Dammit, he’d opened it earlier in the day because the temperatures had been so mild and sometimes he just needed to smell the fresh air when he was cooped up in his office.

It wasn’t likely to happen again after what he was currently witnessing.

The window squeaked, and it snapped him back to the present. Great, he was so busy obsessing about fresh air he had forgotten about the person trying to break into his office! Stepping around the shrub and ready to haul off and give this person a piece of his mind, Hugh immediately stopped short, his jaw hitting the ground.

There, right in front of him, were two of the longest legs he’d ever seen and quite possibly the world’s most perfect female bottom.

In nothing but a hot-pink thong.

His throat instantly dried and his heart rate kicked up. He stood—mesmerized—as her sexy bottom wiggled back and forth. He couldn’t tear his eyes away.

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