Love Walks In(134)

By: Samantha Chase

He seriously hoped Zoe’s friends were hot. It would be a welcome distraction. It would quite possibly be the only thing that would save him from any awkward interactions with Anna. Then at night, he’d have to deal with the other awkward situation—sharing a room with his dad.

A shudder wracked through his body. He knew it was only for three nights, but the only person Quinn wanted to share a room with was Anna. NO! Wait… Oh hell. A woman. He only wanted to share a room with a woman! Damn Anna and her bikini. Now he was going to have to be even more careful for the rest of the weekend, or it wouldn’t only be Anna getting in his face about his behavior. Soon his brothers would be in on it and eventually…Bobby.

Crap. It was no secret there was no love lost between Quinn and Bobby. He wasn’t even sure when it started. They were all friends when they were kids, but somewhere along the way—probably around high school or maybe even as early as middle school—Bobby had taken a disliking to Quinn, and that, in turn, had made Quinn dislike Bobby. They’d had more than their share of brawls, but whenever Quinn would come out and say, “What is your problem?” Bobby would just throw his hands up in disgust and walk away.

And it got worse when Bobby became a cop. Not to say he was harassing Quinn, but Quinn knew he got more tickets than the average citizen and it was normally over nothing. You’d think Quinn would just call it in and set up his business’s home base someplace else. But no. Not only did he set up one of his shops in his hometown, but he’d seriously expanded and made it his crowning location.


Okay, so now he was up to three awkward situations on tap for the weekend. Maybe he should just stay in his room and fake being sick or something. Luckily there weren’t any medical professionals in the bunch. Riley wouldn’t come near him for fear of getting sick and missing out on being with the public. Owen was a bit of a germaphobe and would definitely stay away. Darcy would poke her head in just to be nosy, while Hugh wouldn’t want to risk getting Aubrey sick. And Aidan…well, it was his wedding, there was no way he’d risk getting sick for his wedding day.

But could he really do it? Just to get a room to himself and not have to face Anna or Bobby? Was he really so completely selfish that he’d risk ruining Aidan and Zoe’s weekend?


“No,” he growled and sat up. He wasn’t a coward. And hiding out implied he was. “I can face all of them and tell them each to go to hell if they have a problem with me.” Well, except his dad. There was no way he’d say that to his dad. Ian Shaughnessy was the best dad a guy could ever ask for, and even though Quinn wasn’t looking forward to bunking with him, it wasn’t an attack on his father.

Just his snoring.

Outside, he heard a couple of car doors slamming. Walking over to the window, he saw Hugh and Aubrey had arrived. Another car pulled in behind him and Quinn didn’t recognize it. It wasn’t particularly unusual—there were guests coming that he didn’t see on a usual basis. For all he knew, it was one of his aunts or uncles, the Hannigans, or even Zoe’s friends. It could be…

Wait a minute…

Squinting a little, Quinn leaned closer to the glass and felt an impending sense of doom. Rising from the driver’s side door of the second car was Martha Tate. Nothing wrong with that; she was Zoe’s boss. She was laughing and smiling, and she waved at Hugh and Aubrey like they were old friends. But she wasn’t alone. Stepping out from the passenger side was… Oh dear Lord.

Ian Shaughnessy.

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