Love My Pain (Cape Falls Book 6)

By: Sam Crescent


This has been the hardest book I've ever delved into and it was scary. It has taken me three years because the truth is, I wasn't ready, and even now I'm afraid when it comes to this book. This is a very real, very dark subject. Everyone is different, and their reasons are their own when it comes to self-harm. I do not want this to be seen as brushing aside those problems. They are real, and it is dangerous.

I want to thank you all for your support, and allowing me to take my time so I didn't screw it up. Even as I write this, I feel sick to my stomach about this going out there. This is my baby, one of the biggest challenges of my writing so far.

My fingers are crossed that you like it. I know I did everything that I could. Thank you to Evernight, and to Karyn. They are an amazing bunch of people, and also to my readers, without you guys, I wouldn't even take a chance with this.

Love you guys so much.


Chapter One

She’d done it again even though he’d ordered her not to harm herself. Edward Banner gripped the back of his neck as he paced outside of the room of his own personal dungeon. He was so fucking mad that he could taste it. He’d gone to Control, the dominant club that was owned by his friend, William. He’d been needed, and now he was so pissed. If he’d not been needed elsewhere Isabel wouldn’t have been hurting herself.


Rushing from the door to his dungeon, he entered the kitchen and began pacing once again. He thought he could handle this, but he couldn’t. At first, he had intended to dump her ass in the bedroom he’d placed her in. Only, he had seen everything that could help her to hurt herself. He didn’t want her fucking hurting herself. Instead of throwing her into the bedroom, he’d chained her up, keeping her hands locked above her head so she couldn’t touch herself.

He had met Isabel Benson a year ago when she was waitressing at a diner. During that time, he had discovered that she self-harmed, cutting herself. At first, he’d not taken over every single part of her life. She had only been living with him for the past couple of months, since Sophie left for college. He didn’t want Isabel living on her own. Just thinking about the first moment he had seen Isabel he had thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever met. One day he had found her cutting herself. She had looked like a drug addict getting her next hit, only she had been drawing blood from her body. He had believed that he could help her. Now he wasn’t so sure. How could he help someone who clearly had some serious fucking issues? What kind of person cut themselves? He’d tried to get her to talk to a doctor, but she told him no. He wanted her to go to counseling, but she said no. There was no way he could force her, even if he wanted to.

Rubbing at his eyes, he stopped, and simply stood. Half an hour he had been gone, and when he came home, she had added another line on her thigh.

“I’m sorry,” she said.

She wasn’t sorry. If she was sorry she wouldn’t have done it.

After he had brought her home, and spent every available second with her, he had thought that he’d helped. Only he hadn’t really helped. The first time he was away, she went for the knife. That wasn’t helping anyone, not at all.

Storming out of his house, he sat down on the steps knowing that at right this moment he was fucking up. Isabel was chained in his fucking dungeon. Her thigh was dripping blood, and he would have to go and take care of her, but right now, he was so angry. A Dom never went near his woman when he was angry.

Not that Isabel was his woman. No. he was just helping her. Nothing was going on between them, and never would.

“You’re not looking so good.”

Edward looked up to see Ryan, one of the club Doms, coming toward him. Ryan was a Cape Falls regular, and since the town of Cape Falls had tried to make a change to themselves, Ryan had come out as a Dominant man. He now worked at Control, and had even divorced the woman he had been forced to marry and hated.

Cape Falls was not a very good town. It was an old town with old-fashioned values. Up until a year ago, they believed marriages should be arranged, and a woman’s place was inside the home. It had taken a gang raping girls and getting away with it for the town to finally realize the truth. Gabriel, the town Sheriff, had forced them to see the truth, showing the evidence. Since then, the town had been trying to make amends, to finally come into the twenty-first contrary.

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