Lorenzo:Seduced by the Mob Book One

By: Ashley Rhodes

Seduced by the Mob - Book 1


Cheryl glanced at her watch and quickly snapped her textbook closed. The economics of foreign markets would just have to wait. She’d promised to go out with Tiffany and she always had been a person to keep her promises, even the reluctant ones.

Nightclubs were not really her scene. However, her friend loved clubbing more than any woman should. Tiffany was wealthy, insanely beautiful, and owned her own line of designer clothing. The girl partied her ass off almost every night of the week.

They’d known each other since grade school and insisting on a night out on the town was just Tiffany’s way of dragging her out of the house. Cheryl supposed that’s what friends were for, annoying the life out of a person when they really needed to study.

As she got ready, Cheryl couldn’t help but harbor a secret desire to meet someone special. She found herself daydreaming again of her perfect man. He would be tall, dark, and handsome. He’d be wealthy, complicated to figure out, and have a little edge to him. Naturally, her perfect man would be simply crazy about her. She smiled to herself.

If I’m gonna dream, then I might as well dream big.

Her enthusiasm dimmed somewhat when she remembered that Tiffany had a bad habit of trying to hook her up with rich, eligible bachelors. Unfortunately, they were usually wealthy CEO’s who couldn’t stop preening long enough to flirt with a woman. Shoving aside the depressing thought, she scurried out the door praying for something wonderful to happen.

Arriving at the nightclub, she spied Tiffany sitting at a large table crowded with people. She put on her smiling face and joined their little party. It was clear the men were filthy rich because they were all talking business, marginalizing the females, and jockeying for social standing against each other. Formulating a quick plan in her head, she decided to drink fast and duck out early.

A couple of drinks later and she was loosened up enough to flirt with the hot server as he dropped their last round of drinks on the table. That got her a couple of snarky comments from the men, but she was way past caring. Even Tiffany seemed to have to conceded that they were a waste of skin.

That’s when it officially turned into a girl’s night out. The women flocked to the dance floor together, dancing in a group like drunken frat girls. It was the first bit of real fun she’d had all night. Closing her eyes, she let the music take her away.

As she moved to the beat of the music, Cheryl allowed her tipsy mind to drift to her favorite fantasy. In it, she dreamed of a man so hot her panties would fly off at the mere sight of him. Images of a ripped naked torso drifted through her mind. God, she loved a guy with sculpted abs. She was all too aware that masculine endowments, much like coffee, came in three basic sizes. Though she always ordered a regular size coffee, she’d want her endowment in the grande or venti category. She smiled as she continued to refine the image of her perfect man. He would be a genuine bad boy with a heart of gold. Oh yeah, he’d need to have a fabulous sense of humor as well. He would be thoroughly obsessed with her. In fact, in her fantasy, the man just couldn’t keep his hands off her. She could almost feel his strong arms cradling her body.

Opening her eyes lackadaisically, she noticed a man across the room looking straight at her. He certainly looked like her imaginary fantasy man. He stood well over six feet tall. His broad shoulders and muscular physique set him apart from almost every other man in the room. The handsome stranger was wearing a designer suit, but looked nothing like Tiffany’s friends. As her eyes slid over him, she realized what the difference was. His suit hugged every taut muscle and cradled the huge bulge growing beneath his well-cut trousers. She watched him reach down to adjust himself as he looked at her. A smile threatened to curve her lips. When was the last time a man had been so aroused by the sight of her that he’d needed to rearrange his junk? She couldn’t remember. She closed her eyes just as she saw him drain the last of his shot. The look on his face was predatory and lustful, pushing her sexy fantasy into total overdrive.

When she beckoned forth her fantasy lover again, she was pleased to discover that he had a face and thick, corded neck muscles. It was all too easy to incorporate the newly acquired information into her private fantasy. She imagined how their tongues would tangle together as they struggled to divest each other of clothing. He would be so hot for her that he would rip her clothing in his eagerness to get her naked. Pinning her beneath him, he would devour her, taking and taking and taking some more. The images in her mind were powerfully erotic.