Lord of the Bears (Wild Ridge Bears Book 1)(67)

By: Kimber White


His lips curved into a smile and he parted them to speak. “My name is . . .”

“No!” I put up a hand and backed away. “It’s better if I don’t know it.”

He made a move toward me, distress creasing the lines of his brow. A muscle twitched in his jaw. I had the urge to trace the hard angles of it with my fingers.

“I’ll draw them away,” he said, his voice dropping low as my heart raced. He stepped forward again and put his hands on my shoulders. He leaned down and pressed his forehead to mine. It was bold. Intimate. And yet, my body craved more of him. My breath came in quick little pants. This was bad. The pack was coming. Kane was starting to stir.

“Listen to me. Go back the way you came. As fast as you can. I’ll keep the pack busy out here long enough. It’ll be okay.” So he became my co-conspirator. It was dangerous to let him have that little bit of knowledge. He could have been working for Kane. Who knew where his loyalties lay? Out of other options, I decided to trust him. If I did nothing, Kane was going to find me out here anyway.

I nodded quickly. There was no more time to think. He closed his eyes tightly once as if steeling himself to let me go. I felt myself doing the same. Then, he dropped his hands to his sides. The absence of his touch made the rest of my body burn to match the searing heat of Kane’s mark. It was if my body was at war with itself. What in God’s name was happening to me?

I didn’t have time to puzzle it out. The pack’s urgent howls drew closer. They couldn’t be more than a hundred yards away through the trees. My stranger took one last look at me, then dropped to his knees and shifted in one great, powerful motion that tore the air from my lungs.

Then, he lunged forward and raised his howls to the chorus of the pack’s and dashed through the trees. With the racket he was making the pack would go after him. I felt Kane’s beating heart slam through my chest as he woke with fury. He felt the pack’s distress and scented the intruder. But, he wasn’t focused on me.

My stranger had given me time. I took it. I turned toward the woods and ran as fast as I could.


To Be Continued in

Savage Moon

By Kimber White

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