By: LeAnn Ashers

He relaxes slightly and puts his hand on the small of my back. “You ready to go home?”

I grab my phone off the table. “Yes.”

He leads me out of the burger joint, and the three guys are standing outside their trucks. When they spot Liam, they jump inside.

I laugh at their reactions. “I think you made them almost piss their pants.”

Liam chuckles and opens my car door. “Pussies, all of them fucking pussies.”

I put my phone down in the passenger seat, and Liam pulls out my seatbelt. “Put this on.” I click the belt into place. Liam steps away and climbs on his bike; then I am heading home.

Oh boy.

When I arrive home a few minutes later, I step inside the house with Liam right behind me. He’s carrying a sack that he took out of his saddle bags. I just bought this house about a month or so ago. It’s a large house and it’s gated in. All of the women in the club get a salary. It’s not as large as the guys’ salaries, because they run everything and we don’t have to work if we don’t want to. I generally love being a nurse.

“Want to rent a movie?” I ask Liam, trying to be calm and chill, though that’s not how I feel. I am alone with him, completely and utterly alone with him for the first time since before he left. He studies me, like he can see my nervousness.

“Anything you want,” he says.

I let out a deep breath and throw my keys on the shelf by the door. “I am going to go change, pick any guest room you want.”


She is nervous, I can see it written all over her. She hurries into her bedroom, and I spot a bedroom right beside it so I throw my bag on the bed. She left her door cracked slightly, and I see her walking through her room in a pair of black lacy fucking panties.

Fuck me.

Turn the fuck around, Liam, don’t lose control right now and throw her across her bed. Her fully clothed is a pain but seeing her in her panties?

Fucking cruel.

I clench my hands, grit my teeth, and walk to the living room, and I sit down on the couch. A few minutes later, she walks out in a pair of sweats and a baggy shirt.

I grin at the shirt because it’s the very shirt that she stole from me eight years ago. She stole a lot of my clothes.

“Nice shirt,” I tease her and her eyes widen in surprise. She looks down and blushes deeply.

She sits down beside me. I take the blanket off the back of the couch and cover her.

“You remember such small details.” She smiles at me sweetly.

I remember everything about her, everything. I have been fucking obsessed since I was seventeen years old, and looking at her now? That’s not going to change.

Over the years I would come home and almost fall on my ass every single time I saw her. She has changed over the years, and just when I think she couldn’t get more beautiful, I am shocked all over again.

She turns on the TV and lies on my shoulder, her arm wrapping around mine. “Tell me what is happening.”

I don’t even want her to know this shit, but it affects her so she has to know. I don’t want this shit to touch her.

“A cartel has moved in on the Grim Sinners’ town, but we got information that they are here too.” I am not letting her know that I tortured this information out of them. “They want our towns, to take them over and use us to pump their drugs through the entire US. They planned to get rid of us in any way necessary, and that means attacking us where it fucking hurts.”

She freezes; I can tell she is thinking about my words. She sits up and looks at me. “They are gunning for the women and kids.” Her voice is barely above a whisper. I can see the fear in her eyes, the tremble of her lips.

I wrap my hand around the side of her neck and face. “They will not fucking touch you,” I tell her, looking her straight in the eye. They will not fucking touch her; I will fight everyone on this planet to make sure that doesn’t happen. The cartel just made the worst fucking mistake of their lives.

One that is deadly.


I pretend to be asleep. Liam is stroking the sides of my face, his thumb stroking my cheekbone. He slides to the end of the couch, his movements gentle. He wraps one arm around my back and slides the other under my knees, lifting me off the couch.