By: LeAnn Ashers


To my readers. You have been begging for Liam and Paisley since my “Forever” series. You have gotten your wish. <3



Oh my goodness, could he get any more beautiful? We have a new boy at school named Liam, and he is absolutely gorgeous, the kind of good looks that take your breath away. He started school about a week ago, and he keeps to himself.

He has this bad boy look that is killing my soul. He has dark brown hair that is slightly longer on top and swept to the side. His eyes are a beautiful dark brown, and they watch my every move.

From the moment he saw me, his eyes have never left me. He just watches me. I do not understand why. At first I thought I had food smudged on my mouth or a stain on my clothes. That is not the case; he just watches me, and I haven’t gotten the nerve to speak to him yet. So ball-less me just lowers her head, blushing, and goes on with her day. Girls flock around him, but he just ignores them. I’ve decided I am going to introduce myself to him tomorrow. God, I am such a spaz! Why can’t I just talk to him? Be brave, Paisley!

My phone buzzes in my pocket, and I see a text from my father. He will be able to pick me up early. I grab my bag off the bleachers. I have P.E. this period, and we are just sitting around doing nothing. They won’t even notice I am gone.

Sneaking out the door, I peek back to make sure that the teacher isn’t looking, and she is on her phone as usual. I shoot a text to Dad letting him know I will be waiting for him outside. He messages back instantly: Okay.

My father has raised me by himself, and I couldn’t ask for a better dad. I may not have had a mother, but he went above and beyond. I also have my uncles, the guys who were around for my first day of school and, when I started playing sports, came to all of my games. They may not look like the kind of men who would play dress-up and have tea parties—they have a hard and mean exterior—but on the inside they are soft, at least when it comes to certain things.

That is family.

As I’m walking out the front door, I hear something hit the floor behind me. I peek back to see the weird janitor everyone at school avoids. He grins at me, sets his mop against the wall, and walks toward me. I duck out the door and hurry around the side of the building, hoping I lose him.

I wonder if Liam is interested in me. I’ve never even had a boyfriend before, let alone kissed a guy. My dad scared away any guy who dared to look twice at me, and don’t get me started on my uncles.

“Well, if it isn’t Paisley.”

Fear shoots up my spine and goose bumps break out across my skin.

“What are you doing?” My voice shakes and my palms are sweaty and trembling.

The feeling in my gut is telling me to run, but he is standing between me and the only exit. He continues to grin as he starts to unbutton his shirt. No. This is not happening right now. I am completely imagining this.

Instincts take over and, without thinking, I run toward the entrance to the alley. Fingers snatch my hair, throwing me to the ground, knocking the wind out of me. I am frozen with fear. He falls down beside me and reaches for my hands. I punch him hard in the face, and his head snaps back. I raise my fist again and he pins it above my head. He grins at me; his teeth are covered in blood. I punch him with my free hand and kick my legs, hoping and praying to dislodge him from me. He catches my left hand, pinning it beside the right one. His face bends toward mine, and I turn my head to the side, warm tears falling down my face. This is my worst fear, and it is happening right at school.

His warm breath fans across my face, making me gag. “Please don’t do this.” My heart hurts, and the terror fills every part of me with pain. Why?

He releases me with one hand and I try to pull free, but he grips both of my wrists with the other hand. I try to hit him with my knee, and he laughs right in my face. “Shh, it’s okay.” His finger trails down the side of my jaw. I swallow back the vomit and let out a deep heart-wrenching sob. “It’s better to be broken in first before I turn you over to the guys to sell.”

Sell. The word is thundering in my brain. I stare at the sky, the sun beaming down, and I plead with this man, begging him not to do that. Then his weight is torn off of me. I sob into my hands and, through blurry eyes, I see Liam beating him. I fall back, reeling from what just happened. A man just tried to… I sink my hands into my hair and pull it, hoping that I wake up from this horrible dream.