By: Natasha Knight

"Gabrielle," he said, wanting to look into her eyes. She opened them, their golden depths darker now from her arousal.  They were an unusual shade, but it wasn’t their color that piqued his interest. It was the pain he saw in them. Maybe it was because he recognized its origin, found a kindred spirit inside it.

He ground his hips against her sex and her eyes widened. "I need to have you."

"Let me up," she said, pushing against his shoulders. He let her go and she knelt alongside him, undoing first his belt, then his zipper. She gasped when she pulled his pants down and released his cock which was thick and hard, the head already smeared in pre-cum. Glancing at him with lust in her eyes, she brought her mouth to the tip. Her little pink tongue licked the very tip, tasting him as she kept her gaze steady on his. He watched while she circled his cock with it before taking it into her mouth, her lips closing around its width. He moaned and lay his head back when she sucked hard and reached to caress his balls.

"Put your knees on either side of my face," he instructed.

Without hesitating, she moved into position, her knees spread wide. Her pussy was just above his mouth, the lips open and slick. Reaching up he spread them further and inserted a finger into her, making her gasp.

He smiled.

"Clasp your hands behind your back," he said. "Only your mouth on my cock."

She did as he said.

He moaned, drawing her hips down over his face and licked the lips of her pussy before closing his mouth over her clit. She moved faster, taking him deep into her mouth, her throat. She bucked as she climaxed again, her hips grinding into him while he sucked her clit, feeling his own cock twitch and release into her mouth.

When he shifted his body, she sat up, kneeling alongside him, a hand covering her mouth.

He stood and zipped his pants, all the while watching her as she knelt on the bed, her eyes wide on his.

With one hand on the top of her head, he gave his first command: "Swallow."

She didn't hesitate, but did as he said.

"Good girl," he said, buckling his belt. "I’m hungry. Have dinner with me."

"I need a shower," she answered even though it wasn't really a question.

"I’ll wait." He helped her to her feet and sat on the couch while she washed and dressed. He noted the fact that she didn’t try to hide her body as she moved around the room applying makeup, choosing a dress, strapping her sandals in place.

"Ready," she said, turning to him. She wore a pale taupe colored silk dress that hung over her naked breasts and small hips down to just above her knees. Three-inch sandals in the same color, earrings and a necklace finished the look. Her hair, still somewhat damp, was held in a clip at the back of her head and he imagined she struggled with the unruly mass as long tendrils already fell around her shoulders.

"Luciana's holding a table for us."

"How did you know I’d say yes?" she asked.

He grinned, "I had a feeling."

"Julian," she hesitated when they got to the door. "What happened just now…"

"Was fantastic. I enjoyed it thoroughly and I think you did too," he finished for her, gesturing for her to go ahead of him.

She looked like she was going to say something but changed her mind and preceded him out the door. They walked in silence to the main building and to their waiting table.



Chapter Two


Luciana set the bottle of wine on their table on the patio of the restaurant. The night was clear, just as Gabrielle always remembered them to be, with some lights in the distance but dark enough that the sky glowed with stars. There were two other tables with couples quietly eating their meals but they were far enough away that all were offered privacy.

Julian picked up his glass and sipped. "I saw you earlier," he said.

"Earlier?" she asked, tasting the wine.

"On your way to the swimming pool. You watched them, the couple there."

She turned to discover that the couple she'd seen earlier in the day sat at one of the tables. Her face flaming red, she returned her gaze to his.

"I'm not judging you. I only wanted you to know that I saw."

"Why were you watching me?"

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