Knocked Up by Brother's Best Friend(77)

By: Amy Brent

“Yeah. Of course! I’ll call Lily. We’ll be at the hospital as soon as we can.” Jonah gave me a quick hug, but I think he was just using it as an excuse to help get me out of the bed and breakfast and into the car. “I love you, little sis.”

I smiled up at him. Things had been rough between us at first but it had been easier to forgive him after finding out what he’d done to track down Leo and make things right between us.

“I love you too, big brother. Don’t burn down the place while we’re gone.”

“I’ve got it under control, Quinn. Stop micro-managing and focus on bringing that little person into the world.” Jonah said with a roll of his eyes before shutting the door.

The drive to the hospital was a blur, the doctor wheeling me straight into the delivery room.

“It was close,” The doctor said from behind the surgical mask, “If you’d have waited any longer that baby would have been born. The baby is coming now.”

Leo gave me a look out of the corner of his eyes and I just shrugged, but then the contractions hit once more and the doctor was telling me to push. All I could focus on was Leo’s hand holding mine. He was by my side every second as pain like a vice squeezed around my middle but it was a distant sort of pain.

My eyes met Leo’s, the rest of the world disappearing until there was just the two of us and the love that shone between us with a life all its own. The moment was shattered as a high-pitched cry broke the silence and I collapsed back onto the hospital bed as exhaustion and exhilaration filled me.

Minutes passed like quicksand until one of the nurses finally placed a small bundle of joy into my arms and I looked down with tears in my eyes.

“A girl. A baby girl.” I whispered, glancing up at Leo.

“She’s perfect.” He was staring at her with pure love shining from the depths of his dark gaze.

“What should we name her?” I asked quietly as she wiggled in my arms, healthy and wonderful and the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen in my entire life.

“Rachael. Ray, for short.” Leo said, his voice hoarse with emotion as I looked at him quizzically.


“She’s a little ray of sunshine,” His eyes met mine, “Just like her mama.”

I sent him a tearful smile before cradling our daughter even closer to my heart, “Hello, Ray.”

She gurgled happily as Leo wrapped his arm around us both and suddenly Lily’s words echoed in my thoughts and I nearly shook my head. She’d told me that everything happened for a reason, and sitting there, surrounded by my family, I finally believed her. Everything had happened for a reason. The best reason in the world. Love.

***The End***

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