Knocked Up by Brother's Best Friend(5)

By: Amy Brent

Everything went white and gold, flashing behind my eyelids and in the corner of my mind, I could feel Leo thrust once more, a groan escaping him as he stiffened before letting me slide slowly back to my feet.

It was a good thing he was still there though, standing so close in front of me because my legs would never have supported me. They felt like bowls of Jell-O.

“Fuck.” Leo bit out the curse, and I pried my eyes open to see his dark gaze wide on mine, “Protection. I–.”

“Don’t worry, big guy,” I slurred the words, patting him on the shoulder before letting my arm drop again, “I’m on birth control. And I’m clean.” I grinned up at him, feeling drunk on the orgasm that still pulsed through me in waves of sharp pleasure, “I told you. I don’t normally do this sort of thing.”

“Me too. Clean, I mean, but…” Leo stared at me for a minute before shaking his head, some incomprehensible emotion sweeping over his handsome features before he leaned forward and placed the softest kiss against my lips.

After a long moment, he pulled away. He looked like he was about to say something but a loud, shrill ring cut him off. I jumped, glancing down at my cell phone. It had fallen on the floor next to us, along with my bag, and the rest of our clothes. It looked like a war zone. It rang again.

“Damn it,” I muttered, still shaking from the pleasure that swept through my body like a warm breeze.

“Just ignore it,” Leo whispered the words against my neck, causing another shudder to wrack my body.

I tried. Damn it, I really tried. But the incessant ring had already sent my post-sex glow packing. It fled altogether as I finally gave in, grabbing at the foul thing and glanced at the caller id. Shit. It was Jonah. For the fifth time. I hadn’t even noticed it ringing.

“I gotta take this,” I said softly, my voice full of regret as I slid away far enough to put my clothes back on. The phone was still ringing, sharp and un-ignorable. With a deep breath, I answered.

“Hello.” I tried to make my voice sound as normal as possible but it didn’t matter. Jonah was already talking before I’d even gotten the word out.

“You need to come home, Quinn. Now.” My brother’s voice was just as sharp and un-ignorable as the ringtone had been. I knew it would be bad when Jonah found out. Now, I knew it would be really bad.

I shot Leo a smile, half wistful, half regret, before giving him a soft kiss on the cheek.

“I have to go.” I turned to leave, just about through the door when his voice stopped me.

“Wait a minute, sunshine.” He turned, scribbling on a napkin from the bar downstairs before holding it out to me. I grabbed it, giving him one more small smile before leaving for good. It wasn’t until I was outside that I realized what he’d written. Below the horseshoe symbol for the bar was his number. For a moment, I considered just throwing it away but at the last minute changed my mind, tucking it into my backpack.

Chapter 2


It took me three tries to walk up the uneven steps. Another three to work up the courage to make it to the door. I stood there for another five minutes, staring at the chipped paint and peeling siding of the shitty apartment I and my brother had grown up in. I knew every crack.

The window was still busted out and boarded up from when one of the neighbor boys had thrown a rock through it four years ago. The boards were weather worn and grayed now. Probably let in a hell of a draft in the winter but spring was blooming in Coral Springs. Mild weather, a good bit of rain, but nothing the Moore’s couldn’t handle together. They’d handled worse.

Unbidden the memories came. Another spring day. It had been sunny then. That had always seemed wrong to me. Sunshine had blared through the windows of the trailer home. I couldn’t find them. I had looked everywhere but couldn’t find them. It was my birthday and mama had promised to take me shopping for a new dress to wear.

I remembered crying. Knowing something was wrong, even if I didn't know exactly what it was yet. Then Jonah had been there. Hugging me so tight I couldn’t breathe. He’d hugged me for so long but neither of us had let go. That was the day our good for nothing parents had split, leaving their ten-year-old daughter and seventeen-year-old son with nothing but bills to pay and the rent already three days late.

A week later they’d moved out of the trailer home and into this apartment. The only thing a seventeen-year-old with a part-time job could afford. It was a crumbling building with leaky pipes, a terrible draft and loony old landlady who lived in the upstairs apartment. But it was home.

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