Knocked Up by Brother's Best Friend(10)

By: Amy Brent

My body tightened at the memory of her mouth. Sweet and sinful all wrapped up into one. A devil in angel’s clothing. It was almost enough to have me drooling right there on the old wooden bar top.

I shook off the thought, trying to ignore the twinge of warning in my gut. I was used to women running through my life like water, but something about this girl had me coming back again and again. And it was starting to drive me crazy.

Just one more night. One more night with her to get her out of my system. Then I’ll be back to normal. I nodded my head firmly at the thought. That was all I needed. One more night. But I didn’t even have her number. She had mine.

But that thought wasn’t much more comforting. Who says she’d even call? Who says she’d want to see me again?

What the fuck am I doing? Worrying about if some random hook up is going to call me back. Like a fucking teenaged guy with a HUGE crush.

And that wasn’t even the worst part. I’d gone and broke one of my hard and fast rules. Always use a condom. What the fuck was I thinking? I shook my head. That was the problem. I hadn’t been thinking.

One taste of her and I’d lost my mind, everything demanding that I take her hard and fast until she was screaming my name and then to do it all over again. My body still demanded, rising to attention at the memory.

“Fuck.” I shifted on the bar stool, trying to get more comfortable and to get my body back under control but it was pointless. One thought of Quinn and it was all downhill from there.

Resolutely, I turned my back to the bar, scanning the crowd at Lucky’s. It was a Thursday night, and pretty busy. Most of the tables were full, many of them with women that I’d seen at the bar before. Some of them I’d seen up close and personal in my bed before.

My gaze landed on a brunette by the Jukebox who was shooting me glances beneath mile-long lashes. There, what about that one? But mentally, I was already shaking my head. Not blond enough.

That one? No, not her either. Her eyes aren’t green enough. Over and over, I looked but no one else even caught my interest. That inkling of worry grew but I pushed it back down. It was just fun, that’s all it was, I told myself. But it was a different matter altogether making myself believe it.

“Can I get a shot of Jack?”

I jumped at the angry tone of the voice that suddenly sounded on my right but relaxed when I glanced over and saw Jonah sliding onto the stool next to me. Thank fucking god. I needed the distraction.

“Hey, Leo.” He nodded in my direction, glancing down at the drink in front of me, “You do work here, right? Or do you just drink here?”

“A little from column A, a little from column B.” I shot him a shit-eating grin that he matched. I hadn’t lived in Coral Springs long before I met Jonah Moore and recognized the kindred spirit.

We were both restless, more than a little wild but while I could pack up and move on to the next town whenever the urge struck, Jonah was tied here. Something to do with money and his sister. He’d never quite told me the whole story but I knew enough. He’d never leave. Not unless his little sister was settled somewhere, and maybe even not then.

 “Mostly column B.” Stella interrupted with a good-natured eye roll in my direction as she slid Jonah the shot. He tipped his head back, downing the whole thing before waving for another.

“Rough night?” I asked, noticing that Jonah looked even more haggard than normal.

“Yeah. Something like that.”

I waited for Jonah to say more but he didn’t. “Me too,” I spoke into the silence, my thoughts drawn inexorably back to my mystery girl. “I met someone.”

“Of course you did.” Jonah snorted into his third shot. “When are you not meeting someone.”

“No, I mean, it was different. Something was different about her.” I shook my head, still not quite able to understand it myself, “I can’t stop thinking about her.”

“When did you meet her?” Jonah asked with a droll look in my direction.

“This afternoon.”

“And you slept with her?”

“Well, yeah.” I shrugged, glancing back at my whiskey.

“So you haven’t been able to stop thinking about this girl for…five hours? Congratulations. I think that’s a record.”

I gave Jonah a punch on the shoulder just for good measure. "I'm serious."

“So am I,” Jonah rolled his eyes. “Just wait. Some hot chick will roll in here tonight and you’ll trip her into bed and then you won’t even remember the other one.”

“I don’t trip women into my bed.”

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