Knocked Up by Brother's Best Friend

By: Amy Brent

A Bad Boy Secret Baby Romance


He picked me up in his arms and I held on tight to him, our mouths never separating as he laid me back down on a nearby patch of grass. I barely noticed the overgrown wildflowers surrounding us. Every atom in my body was only focused on him. There wasn’t room for anything else.

I gasped as his hands danced down my sides and he took advantage, his tongue sweeping inside my mouth to tease mine. I drew the kiss even deeper, pulling him down on top of me but after a moment he was moving again.

His mouth drew a teasing trail of soft kisses across my jaw and down my neck, making me writhe beneath him as a sweet languorous feeling filling my body until it felt like I was moving in warm honey.

I blinked my eyes half open at the feel of his warmth leaving but the heavy-lidded look he shot me heated me back up again. He started at my feet, easing off my boots before sliding his callused palms back up my calves, the back of my knee, the sensitive skin of my thighs. He didn't stop until he reached the button of my shorts, unbuttoning them with an infuriating slowness before sliding them down my hips.

Piece by piece he stripped me. His brows were furrowed in concentration and his dark eyes drank in the sight of every new inch of skin that was revealed as I lost my top, and then bra, and finally the little lace scrap of panties until I was completely nude beneath him.

I reached out to return the favor but he stopped my hands.

“Well, that’s not fair,” I pouted, “You get to see me naked. I should get to see you.”

“Not yet, sunshine,” he said on a hoarse chuckle. He looked up at me, wicked and so handsome it hurt, “I’m dying for a taste of you.”

I grew even wetter at his words, gasping as he bent down. He trailed kisses all over my body like I was the feast and he was starving. My shoulders, down across my chest. He paused to give special attention to my nipples, lathing them with his tongue until they were hard points before moving on.

He didn’t leave any patch of skin untasted as he continued his kissing, adding hungry nips as he made his way further south. This time he didn’t stop until he was wedged between my thighs as I writhed beneath him.

“Hell... You’re killing me.” My words were strained as I hitched my hips, begging silently for more.

He shot me a sinful grin, “Not yet, sunshine.”

His hands slipped underneath me, pulling me even closer to his waiting mouth and he didn’t give me a moment’s warning before his tongue swept over me, drinking me in. I threw my head back as the pleasure exploded over me.

Instinctively, my hips moved, trying to get closer to him or pulling away, I couldn’t tell but he held me still as he lapped at my clit, every lick like an electric shock to my system. I felt like I couldn’t breathe, all the air in the world had evaporated and all that was left was him and his wicked mouth.

I groaned, long and loud when he thrust one finger inside my quivering pussy. A moment later he added another, all the while his tongue was still torturing me with wet lashes against my most sensitive bundle of nerves.

He pumped his fingers deep inside, just leaving them there as his mouth devoured me. The sudden lack of motion was driving me insane and I knew I couldn’t take another moment.

In one quick movement, I had my hands at his shoulders, pushing him onto his back as I straddled him. No more teasing. I wanted him and damn it, I was going to have him. Now.

Chapter 1


I watched the cornflower blue sky roll by behind the pane of glass but I didn’t really see it. Fields of corn turned into fields of soy beans, and then golden wheat only to bloom back into corn again but I didn’t see that either. For a brief moment, my gaze clashed with its twin in the dirty window. Two green eyes staring back at me. Full of anger. Embarrassed. A failure.

I flicked my stare back to the front of the bus just in time to catch the driver’s loud announcement.

“Coral Springs!” His voice was hoarse from decades of cigarette smoke and god only knew what else, “Anyone getting off at Coral Springs, Iowa?

The vehicle screeched to a painful stop. My eyes slid closed and I imagined staying there, glued to the cracked vinyl bench seat as the bus drove towards the horizon.

And go where? I’m a college flunky with no job prospects, no home, and no money. The unwelcome reminder had the familiar flush of embarrassment burning my cheeks. There was nowhere else to go but back to the last place in the world I wanted to end up.

“Coral Springs. This is the last call for Coral Springs!”

"Damn it." Muttering the curse under my breath, I grabbed the strap of my tattered backpack and flung it over my shoulder as I rushed to the door. I could feel it closing behind me a bare second after my feet landed on the sidewalk in front of the small bench that marked the bus stop.