Keeper (Matefinder Next Generation Book 1)(9)

By: Leia Stone

Gretchen’s eyes blazed silver then, her voice deadpan. “He will find you. Fate will lead him to you. Mates are meant to be, no matter what.”

Goosebumps broke out on my arms. Okay … like I said, shit just got real.


The entire ride home, I was quiet. Jax and my mom listened to the radio while I tried not to freak the hell out. I may have found my mate, and by the way, he was human and hotter than the sun … and in trouble and lost. Shit.

‘You okay?’

Our twin bond was going haywire. I knew Jax was picking up on my erratic feelings. Twenty years of nothing and then bam! Dreams, fevers, awake visions. I wasn’t used to this like my mom was.

I swallowed hard. ‘I dunno,’ I replied honestly.

He nodded in the front seat and that was that. Jax may have diarrhea of the mouth, but he knew when to shut up and let me think. Twin perk.

Mom, Jax, and I all agreed not to tell dad yet that this guy might be my mate. He would only freak, and Gretchen’s theory wasn’t 100% yet.

After getting home and convincing my dad I was fine and that the witches were looking into it, Jax, Mason, Avery, and I decided to plan a trip to downtown Portland tonight to go out.

Avery sat at the edge of my bed while I got ready. I was sitting cross legged in front of the full length mirror brushing some mascara and lip gloss on.

“So, the witches think he could be your mate, too?”

Avery and I shared everything with each other. I wouldn’t keep my fears from her like I did everyone else.

I set the make-up down and faced her. “What if he is my mate? My mate, Avery! That’s huge. I’m only twenty! It feels serious and amazing and weird at the same time. And then, what if that jumpstarts my Matefinding gift and all of a sudden you and I are hanging out and BAM! I get a vision of your mate and you break up with Jax and he hates me and ...” Tears welled in my eyes as Avery crossed the space to scoop me into a hug.

“Whoa, whoa. Slow down there, crazy girl.” She stroked my hair as I laughed, the tension easing a little.

“I’m freaking out,” I confessed.

Avery smiled. “I can see that. Don’t freak out. If he is your mate, awesome. He sounds hot and you’re single. You don’t need to take up knitting next week. If you start getting mated pair visions then that’s awesome as well because that’s your gift. Your amazing gift that brings couples together so they can be happy and have kids.”

I sighed. Avery was right. My gift, it’s everything to my people.

“What if he’s not real?” Maybe that’s what I was really freaking out about. Dreaming of someone for two months straight you start to memorize the lines of their face, the way they stand. What if it was some cruel universal joke, the dream gods screwing with me?

Avery sighed. “Call it women’s intuition or whatever, but I think he’s real.”

I nodded. Thank God for best friends. Avery was like my own personal therapist.

“Thank you,” I told her.

She smiled holding my gaze and I noticed her dominance had been increasing lately. She definitely took after her father, not her submissive mother.

A knock on the door interrupted us.

“Come in!” I yelled.

Jax entered, looking suave in dark denim and a bright red polo.

“It’s a good thing werewolves can’t get diabetes because I think I just ate 600 lemon squares.” Jax held his belly as Mason walked in behind him. Mason’s hair was gelled back and he looked handsome as well.

“Dude, in two weeks we will be living in downtown Portland without any annoying parents,” Mason declared.

“Hells yeah.” Jax high-fived him.

A loud throat clearing made Mason’s face go red and we all turned to see my father standing in the doorway.

Shit. Mason inspected the fibers of the carpet as Jaxon busied himself with the make-up on my table. I chuckled.

“What’s up, Pops?”

My dad glared at Mason and Jax a little longer than usual but then spoke to me. “Be careful tonight. I just got off the phone with the Alpha council. Some weird stuff is going on. Seems to have a pattern.”

I stood and my wolf rose to the surface. I knew my eyes would be pulsing yellow. “What stuff?”

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