Keeper (Matefinder Next Generation Book 1)(3)

By: Leia Stone

“Dad.” I growled and felt my own eyes go yellow.

He threw his hands up. “Well, excuse me for trying to protect my only daughter!” he shot off in rapid fire Hindi. My mom looked confused and annoyed.

“It’s okay to protect me but don’t get into my head,” I told him in Hindi as I tapped my forehead.

My mom growled. She encouraged us to learn Hindi but didn’t appreciate the private conversations in front of her.

“Sorry,” Dad mumbled in English and stroked her arm.

As if on cue, my twin brother Jaxon shuffled down the hall. Matefinders were always born in a set of twins. The girl had the gift; the boy was her protector. My brother took his role seriously. Dare I say, even more than my dad did.

“Is she dreaming about that guy again?” Jax asked. His light brown hair was a mess. It had streaks of gold in it, a trait he shared with my mother. We shared the same blue eyes, but Jaxon towered over all of us with his 6 foot-4 inch muscular frame.

I shot him a death glare.

“Why are you awake this early?” my father asked him knowing Jax liked to sleep in.

“Dad, I’m a werewolf. You made Chai. I woke up salivating. That smell!” He gestured wildly.

We all chuckled and Dad poured him a cup. Jax was the family’s comedic relief. Taking a sip, I moaned. Mmm. Cardamom, ginger and just a touch of milk.

‘The dream, tell us.’ My father spoke into my head. As Alpha, he could talk to any member of the pack in their head. Otherwise, that was a gift reserved for mates or when we were in wolf form with other pack members. But as humans, normally the pack could only communicate if they spoke out loud.

I threw my arms up. “Nothing. It’s like the shortest, lamest dream ever. Some human guy standing in a crowded room, looking at his phone. He looks up at me, smiles, I smile back, start feeling warm and I wake up.”

“Hot,” my mother interrupted.

“Huh?” I asked.

She smirked. “Earlier you said the human guy was hot.”

My dad growled as my cheeks went red and Jax made kissing noises.

“Grow up,” I shot at Jax.

“Yeah, okay he is good looking, for a human.” If I didn’t admit that, I was a damn liar because he was more than hot. He was drop dead gorgeous. Tall, dark brown hair, dimples, piercing green eyes; the whole package. My body heated up again just thinking about him.

With his eyebrows creased, my father looked at me.

“How do you know he was human? Did you smell it or sense it?” my father asked.

“I just knew,” I told them all, and my mother nodded as if she understood.

Jax raised his hand. “I have a theory.”

Jax and I were an exception to the mental communication rule. Because we were twins, and I was the Matefinder, we were able to communicate with each other without talking.

‘Don’t say anything that would piss me off,’ I warned him.

He looked at me before quickly looking away.

“I think he is her mate,” he stated out loud.

I sucked in a breath at the same time my mother did.

“Jax! He’s human,” I roared.

He put his arms up in defense. “It’s a theory. But you’re the Matefinder. You have yet to start getting visions of mated couples because you haven’t found your mate yet. Now, these dreams in which you awake pretty hot and heavy–”

“Jaxon!” my father roared, and I bit the inside of my cheek to keep from laughing.

‘I’m gonna kill you.’ I would throttle him later. He may have a longer reach, but I was more dominant and if I could take him to the ground, it was over. I was the wrestling champion of this pack; learned from the best: my mom.

‘I’m your protector, you can’t kill me.’ He winked in typical Jax charm.

My mother was staring at me. “Jax might be right. Did he smell sick? Cancer? Who was he with? Did you get any feelings that he may be in danger?”

I groaned and leaned forward, letting my forehead rest on the table. “No, no one, and no. He was a human guy. That’s it.”

My mom put a cool hand on my back.

“Okay. Maybe we can see the witches about this.” Mom’s voice was calm, but I knew she was worried. It was kind of worrying when I stopped to think about it. The dream had been reoccurring for weeks now and the body heating up thing was weird. Always the same dream, except sometimes I felt like he looked right at me.

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