Kane's Mate (Armageddon Mates)

By: Hazel Gower


Jamie hated that his dad made him and his brothers and sisters ride the bus home. All the other werewolves were either picked up, old enough to drive, or were too little to go to school. Today Jamie was extra eager to get home, making the forty minute bus ride seem even longer than normal. It had been a week since the four human families had moved in. Three of the families had children. His dad had told them all to be nice to the humans, because they were there to help with the mine. Jamie didn’t care about that, he was just excited to have more kids around to play with so he didn’t have to play with his stupid brothers, and especially his sisters. His mum had said to give them a couple of days to settle in before he bothered them, so he had given them a full week just to be safe.

Jamie knew he would have to avoid the forest around them as his dad had told the humans to keep out of the forest due to wild animals and mine holes.

Jamie had it all figured out—he was going to let the human kids get off, then he was going to backtrack so his stupid sisters didn’t follow. Jamie watched the six kids—two girls and four boys—get out. Almost bouncing in his seat, Jamie turned to his brothers. “I’m going for a run.”

The bus stopped and Jamie took off. One of his brothers, Griffen, yelled after him, “Don’t annoy them for long.”

Jamie stuck his tongue out as he ran to catch up with the human kids. He turned the corner to head up the hill. At the top of the hill, he saw the human kids down below surrounding a chubby little girl. He ran down the hill as the biggest of the boys pushed the little girl down, yelling at her that she was a freak, loser, fatty, and that nobody liked her. Tears rolled down the little girl’s dirty face as she stared up at them. She didn’t look old enough to be at school. She was a small girl with olive brown skin, brown eyes, and long brownish red hair that was falling out of a braid.

Just as the other kids were about to kick her, Jamie grabbed the older two. “Don’t you hurt her. She’s just a little girl,” he screamed. “Pick on someone your own size.”

The oldest boy laughed. “What about you?” he replied.

Then he tried to push Jamie, but Jamie moved out of the way and the boy fell over. The others went to attack Jamie. He looked up at them and knew his wolf shone through, because they backed up as Jamie told them, “She’s only little, you should feel ashamed.”

One of the boys laughed and yelled back, “She’s a fat freak!”

Jamie growled. “Go home and leave her alone.”

The little girl became brave and stood up next to him and told them, “I would do what he says. His daddy is one of the owners of the mine, and if you hurt him your daddy won’t have a job.”

The five kids looked at Jamie, then ran home.

Jamie turned to the little girl and asked, “Are you okay?”

She nodded, staring at him curiously.

Jamie heard his oldest brother calling him, “Jamie, you okay? What happened?”

Jamie looked up at his eldest brother Kane. He had an odd look on his face as he stared at the little girl.

“Yes, Kane, I’m fine. Those kids were picking on this little girl.” Jamie puffed up his chest. “And I saved her.”

* * * *

Kane looked down at the wide-eyed little girl. She didn’t look older than five. She was a cute little thing, even with the blotchy red eyes from crying, the dirt on her cheeks, and her hair everywhere from falling out of the braid that it was supposed to be in. His wolf inside him thought she was adorable, it wanted to rip to shreds the kids who had picked on her.

The odd reaction of his wolf caused him to stare at the girl, looking for something, anything that would make him understand why his wolf reacted that way. He knew it couldn’t be magic, as wolves were supposedly immune to all magic bar their own, but maybe this little girl who looked up at him with complete trust, admiration, and love…could she be different? Why would she be looking at him that way? It was Jamie who had saved her. Kane shook his head. He must have misinterpreted something.

She smiled up at him with a top tooth missing. “Hi. Can I see you turn into a wolf?” She turned to Jamie and added, “I’m not a little girl, I’m a big girl. I go to school now and everything.”