Just a Little Crush (Crush #1)(102)

By: Renita Pizzitola

The other male in the room looked a bit cutthroat, shoulders squared, an I-got-this smile affixed to his lips. An overachiever. Someone who wanted to win just for the sake of winning. His female counterpart sat to my left. I’d noticed her the moment I walked in. Her dark blond hair was pulled into a high ponytail. Her makeup perfect, outfit crisp, nails polished, everything in place as she diligently took notes. I hated girls like her.

Which only left one more competitor. I glanced over my shoulder and spotted her, head tucked down. Dark hair hanging over most of her face. Maybe after the presentation, I’d get a better look.

I rotated my head forward and caught a whiff of an intoxicating smell.

Oh my God. Was it the shirt? How had I not noticed before? I’d been in such a hurry, I must have turned off my senses but now they were back on and, holy hell, it smelled delicious.

I ran my hand through my hair, and casually tugged the collar up. With a tilt of my chin, I sniffed the shirt. It was a clean scent, sweet with a spicy undertone and just a hint of something else. My skin prickled on the back of my neck. Whoa. That was sexy.

Images of those nice arms, leading to what was probably one hell of a chest, wearing this shirt and smelling like this panty-dropping cologne combined with…what was that? Hot-guy musk? The guys I hooked up with tended to smell like beer or cigarettes, or a delightful combination. But this was incredible. The college me would’ve hunted him down after this presentation and shown him how you really disrobe someone in the stairwell. Regardless, he wasn’t getting this shirt back.

Victoria led into her Q&A session, while I tried to pay attention instead of having imaginary, yet vivid, sex with the hot guy in the stairwell. Back pressed into the cold wall while his hot body pushed flush against me. His sexy arms would pin me in place, one slammed against the wall by my head, the other gripping my thigh as he wrapped my leg around him. And his mouth. It looked like the kind that could do magical things. Very magical.

Tried, but failed.

Was it really hot in here? Weren’t hospitals usually kept freakishly cold? I straightened in my chair, trying to lift my head away from the fantasy-inducing aroma of the shirt.

Victoria handed me a packet, fully snapping my attention back to her.

“This packet contains everything from the PowerPoint. The last page has my contact info. You are always welcome to send me an email.” She clasped her hands together. “Well, that’s the end of my spiel. Now, please feel free to hang out for a bit. You will be working together for the next six weeks, so introduce yourselves and get to know one another.”

Though introductions were a tad on the awkward side, it still only took me ten minutes to assess my fellow interns. Turned out my initial assumptions were pretty dead-on. Lindsey—painfully shy and probably my closest ally. Tyler—fell ass-backward into this internship, probably didn’t really deserve it but would pull ahead because that’s how life worked for him. And the final two, Claudia and Blake. It was safe to assume they were still riding high from the moment they reigned supreme as king and queen of prom or some shit like that. They were flawless. Life handed them things because beauty deserved perfection, right? But I didn’t do perfect.

Though Mr. Sexy Arms had been pretty damn near perfect. And I’d totally do him.

Except, of course, I was leaving that girl behind.

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