Just Me(7)

By: L.A. Fiore

The dude who ordered the drinks laughed out loud before he said, “Can we get one large cheese and one large pepperoni and four orders of fries?”

“Sure thing.” Jotting down their order, I chanced a glance at Sebastian who seemed to suddenly find great interest in the tablecloth. It was there again, that snap in the air, but it was the shyness coming from him that did funny things to my insides. Luckily my voice didn't betray what I felt when I said, “It won't be long.”

I had only just moved away from them, when I heard Sebastian say, “Thank you, Larkspur.”

The directness of his stare, as I turned back to him, caused that pleasant feeling again. Now I blushed. “Yeah, no problem,” I said. My legs weren't steady when I walked away.

Not long after Sebastian's group arrived, the door opened and Kira and gang entered. By the way Kira strained her neck to look around the place, I suspected she knew that Sebastian was here. In fact, she was so obvious I just took a moment to watch her. Mica, Carla and Sahara were with her and a more conceited, selfish group never existed. Again I found my attention drawn by Mica, who looked around warily, as if at any minute she was going to turn and flee. Odd.

When Kira finally found Sebastian, more specifically found whom he was sitting with, I enjoyed the look on her face. She wasn't deterred though as she made her way over to him. That was another trait of the popular crowd I found annoying: no one and nothing was outside of their grasp. If they wanted something or someone, all obstacles be damned. If they were unable to move the obstacle, then mommy and daddy stepped in. It seemed Kira wanted Sebastian.

As she stopped just in front of his table, no one paid her any attention. In fact, not even Sebastian looked up, which seemed odd considering they had all stared at me like a two-headed clown in a circus.

“Hello Sebastian.”

Did he just roll his eyes? This was quickly becoming very enjoyable to watch. Kira's pout deepened.

“Hi Kira.”

“I didn't know you were going to be here tonight?” She said almost accusingly.

The slightest of grins touched his lips. “I wasn't aware I was required to tell you.”

His friend with the buzz cut lowered his head and I noticed the shaking of his shoulders. Oh no, this was going to get ugly fast. Kira did not like to be laughed at. If she felt even the tiniest bit of censure, she immediately digressed into flaunting her parents' wealth and influence in the community. Sebastian's order was ready, so I made my way through the tables and stopped just to the right of Kira.

“Excuse me, Kira.”

“Larkspur, what are you doing here?”

It took me a minute to answer…what a stupid question. I wiggled the pizzas I carried. “It's that time of the month and I am just starving all the time.”

She flicked her hair, dismissing me, before she turned to Sebastian. “See you tomorrow.” Her ass swayed entirely too much as she walked away. I pulled my gaze from her ridiculously overplayed exit and turned to the table.

A smile cracked over shaved-head-dude's face. “That was funny.”

Placing their pizzas down, I spoke without thinking. “I thought it a fitting answer to such a dumb question. Enjoy your pizza. Flag me down if you need anything.”

They spent a good two hours laughing and eating. When Sebastian started climbing from the booth, disappointment twisted my stomach almost painfully. I looked away, so he didn't catch me watching and possibly drooling.

After taking the order for two other tables, I moved to clear off Sebastian's table only to find him standing by the door watching me. My heart slammed into my ribs. Our eyes met—he winked, then he walked out. I didn't know what to make of that until I saw he had scribbled his name and number on the back of the bill. My gaze flew to the door, but he was gone. Excitement and disbelief warred inside me as I pocketed that slip of paper.

That night, after I got changed and climbed into bed, I just lay there staring at the number I’d added to my phone. Sebastian had left me his number, so clearly he wanted me to call him, but I didn't have a clue what to say. I couldn't look at the boy without breaking out into a cold sweat, so it wasn't hard to imagine me freezing up as soon as his voice came over the line. He'd either confuse me for a telemarketing call or worse, a stalker. My number would be blocked, maybe even reported. Wonder how Aunt Kim would take that? Having the cops knocking at the door looking for me, the stalker. She'd probably sell tickets. No it was better to text him something simple.