Jonah & Sabrina

By: Amy Brent

Chapter 1


His hands were everywhere, moving so fast I could hardly catch my breath. Sliding down my body, his fingers leaving trails of shockwaves that arced through me to settle between my thighs. A burning need that had me arching my back and hitching my hips against his, hoping he would get the hint and give me what we both really wanted but he just let out a rough chuckle.

“You’re so impatient, baby. Just let me touch you. Let me feel you.” Jonah’s warm breath and the scruff from his day-old beard tickled my neck, sending another wave of chills through my aching body.

“I can’t wait, Jonah,” I panted out the words through labored, needy breaths, “I need you now. You need me too. You can’t deny it.” My voice dropped a sultry octave as I reached out one hand and dragged it down the hard muscles of his abs until I found the evidence of his desire.

Jonah let out a breathy hiss as my fingers wrapped around him, my hand barely closing around his thick cock. It had my own pulse spiking at the thought of having it deep inside me, where I so desperately needed him.

“Please, Jonah.”

“Temptress.” Jonah choked out on a gravel rough groan. The muscles of his jaw tensed in time to my fingers tightening around him. He held himself still above me, his arms trembling on either side of me where he propped himself up. Time seemed to stop for a long, tense moment but then he was moving, swooping down towards me like a hawk diving for its prey and I willingly let him catch me.

Jonah’s mouth slammed over mine, all that delicious tension exploding over me as his tongue swept passed my lips to tangle with my own. His kiss was hard and fast and left me no room to hold anything back. Just the way I liked it.

I knew I looked like a delicate porcelain doll, petite and slim with big bambi eyes. And everyone treated me that way. It was good for me, in a way. Good for my job. No one who took one like at me assumed I was tougher than nails and dangerous. Their mistake. I had bagged more than one bounty because they had underestimated me. But not Jonah.

From the very first he’d always seen me for what I truly was. Strong. Resilient. And needy as hell.

Jonah’s mouth angled, drawing the kiss deeper as he grabbed my wayward hands. His fingers easily encircled my wrists, drawing them up and over my head. He pressed them into the pillow above me, holding me there, immobile. Unable to move. Trapped.

The feeling of restraint pushed every nerve ending in my body into hyper drive. I writhed beneath him on the bed, tugging at his grip but he didn’t budge. He just continued his assault on my mouth, taking every panting breath, swallowing every moan and cry that escaped my lips.

Slickness coated the inside of my thighs as a heaviness settled deep inside me. I felt so empty but he seemed to sense exactly what I needed, holding both of my wrists in one hand while he trailed the other one down my writhing body.

His hand didn’t stop until he parted my thighs and I let out a gasp as the cool air hit my pussy. I was so wet that his fingers slid across my skin, dipping inside me easily with one finger. He teased me for a long moment, drawing out the pleasure before adding another finger.

With a slow, steady rhythm he drove his fingers deep inside before pulling them all the way out, only to repeat the process all over again. Red flashed behind my eyes and I arched my hips, begging silently for more, harder, faster, but he just kept the same slow pace, driving me insane with every thrust.

I tugged at the grip he had on my wrists but he didn’t move. I couldn’t even touch him. I couldn’t move. All I could do was feel. Every movement of his fingers. Every nerve ending that he brushed against.

My hips arched off the bed when he brushed across my clit with his thumb, slow and feather light, in time to his thrusting hand until every muscle inside me started to tighten as the pleasure threatened to have me coming apart in his arms.

He must have felt the tremors start deep inside me because just as my orgasm started to tear through my body he was moving, lining the head of his thick erection at my soaked opening and then he rammed home.

I threw my head back as pleasure so intense it stole my breath away wracked me. My entire body felt like it was on fire, a million sparks of ecstasy lighting across my nerve endings all at once and every time he pulled out and thrust his hard cock deep inside me it sent another tidal wave over me until I was drowning in him.

“Oh god, yes. Jonah! Fuck me harder.” The words fell from my lips but I wasn’t even aware of them. My entire world had narrowed to the place where our bodies joined.

“I’m going to come.” More words. Just noises. All that was left was pleasure. Pleasure, and Jonah.

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