Jocelyn's Choice

By: Ella Jade


I sat on the floor in the tiny bathroom and debated whether I should reach up to the counter and check the stick I had just peed on. It had been over five minutes, more than enough time to get the results I was dreading. I’d thrown up twice since starting the test, but I was getting used to that. I had been throwing up for over two weeks now.

At first, I thought it was just the stress I felt over him leaving. It wasn’t until after he went back to Yale that I realized I was more than three weeks late.

Three weeks and two days, to be exact. I didn’t have to look at that test to know what it was going to tell me, because I already knew. My stomach did another flip just thinking about it. The July heat wasn’t helping, either. I hovered over the toilet, pulled my long hair out of the way, and emptied whatever was left in my system, which wasn’t much. I stood up and rinsed out my mouth, my gaze veering over toward the pregnancy test. My hands trembled as I slowly picked it up. I forced myself to look. I needed the confirmation.

Two pink lines . . . no shock there. I even knew exactly when it happened. The day of the week, and where we were. But, how did I let this happen? I knew the answer to that too.

Chapter One

Four Months Earlier . . . .

Evan Jordan and I had become pretty good friends during our senior year of high school. He was by far the cutest, most unattainable boy at J.C. Clarke High, and I was exceptionally shy, awkward, clumsy, and smart enough to know he was off-limits.

He’d dated several girls at our school over the years, including a brief stint with the class snob, Amanda. He finally settled into an on-again, off-again relationship with Cali, the daughter of his dad's best friend, who went to a private, all-girls school a few towns over. Today, I think they were in the on-again phase.

Evan and I were lab partners for the year. At first, I was scared to death to open my mouth, but once I got to know him, I realized he wasn’t just the typical, good-looking rich kid I’d always perceived him to be. He was smart, funny, caring, and a really good friend. After a few days, we hit it off, and I was glad to have him in my life.

Before becoming Evan’s lab partner, I'd spent most of my time alone, never really fitting in. I wasn’t very athletic, but I wasn’t a girly girl either. I was smart, but not brilliant. I came from modest means. We lived about an hour from Denver, Colorado, in a small town, in a little two-bedroom house I shared with my father, Max, the town’s Police Chief. I often referred to him as Max behind his back, a habit I picked up as a child. He worked long hours, hung out with his friends, and liked to watch an unhealthy amount of sports. Except for my part-time job at the local coffee shop, I really didn't get out much.

I used to spend most nights reading or surfing the net, but since we'd become friends, Evan had me over several nights a week. I was growing rather attached to his parents, too. He lived in a huge house with what appeared to be the perfect family. His father, Jack, was a prominent surgeon at a Denver hospital. Jack loved his family very much and catered to their every whim. They all drove really expensive cars and wore only the best designer clothes. He was married to the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. Sarah Jordan was a fantastic wife and mother. She doted on Evan, his sister, Brenna, and their older brother, Alex.

At twenty-one, Brenna, a goddess in her own right, still lived at home. Evan often said she was still trying to find herself, but she seemed pretty content living off her daddy’s money. She’d tried college, beauty school, and now she was attending a well-known fashion academy in the city with her BFF, Julia Miller. Brenna had dated Julia’s brother, Ryan, since high school and they seemed pretty exclusive. I didn’t know Brenna well, since she spent most of her days in the city and many of her evenings out with either Ryan or Julia.

The only Jordan I’d yet to meet was Alex, but by the way everyone else around here spoke of him, he seemed pretty special. He was a straight-A student and always had been. He'd finished his undergraduate degree in three years and at the age of twenty-three had already earned his Master's in psychology. He was hanging out back East until he made a decision on what he should do next. According to Evan, Alex was struggling to decide if he should enroll in medical school to become a psychiatrist. He was Jack’s pride and joy. Apparently, he was also a pretty good baseball player and had made a name for himself at J.C. Clarke. My father had mentioned Alex's athletic abilities when I told him I was hanging out at the Jordan house. Max said how thrilled he was that I had made such impressive friends.