Jett's Wild Wolf (Mystic Wolves 3)

By: Elle Boon


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Taryn Cole felt the first skitter of fear slither down her spine as Keith pinned her with his black eyes. The man who claimed her as his daughter, or as one of his possessions, gave her one of his death stares. Others in the great room either dropped to their knees, or showed him their throats, but she did neither, barely resisting the urge.

“Where have you been, little girl?” Keith’s voice grated like nails against concrete.

She’d learned at a very young age not to allow him to see how he affected her. A deep inhale helped steady her nerves. “My truck broke down.” As long as she stayed close to the truth, Keith wouldn’t scent a lie. Another thing she’d learned at his knee, fists, and claws.

Keith cleared the ten or so feet separating them in one leap, startling a gasp out of her. “Don’t lie to me, you little bitch. I know there was more to it than that. You were in the woods up in Mystic again. Which one of those bastards were you sniffing after?”

His face had contorted into his half-beast. A cross between wolf and whatever he could be. Even Taryn had no clue what all he was, but he was mean.

Her head tilted toward the two wolves standing off to the side. “I followed those two, yes.” Again, half truths.

His chest expanded with his deep inhale. She was sure he’d give her some mundane chore, or take away her privileges like a child. At twenty-five years old, being treated like a five year old on a weekly basis was nothing new.

As his large arm raised with its muscles and veins covered by fur, she didn’t flinch as he ran the back of his knuckles down her cheek. “Your skin is so smooth, and soft. Unblemished from time and age. Do you know how lucky you are to have my genes coursing through your veins?”

She swallowed. “Yes, alpha.” Nobody could accuse her of being a stupid wolf. Her eyes stayed below his chin, yet she never gave him the respect due his status.

“When will you learn your place?” His voice didn’t raise. One claw scraped down, lifting her chin to meet his eyes.

The hate and loathing staring back at her made her gut clench. Whether it was directed at her or the Mystic Wolves didn’t matter. Alpha Keith was angry, or suspicious.

Her voice came out a croak. “I don’t have a place. I’m the lowest member of your pack, below even that.”

The blow that knocked her across the room shocked her, then the pain hit, blood filling her mouth. Before she could get to her feet, he was on her, his hand gripped her by the shirt and lifted her up, dangling her feet off the ground.

The scary beast in front of her drew his arm back, the shifted paw of the wolf was larger than a full grown bear, and he flashed his black claws like they were knives. They reminded Taryn of the movie Nightmare On Elm Street, when the killer would taunt his victims before he’d slice the razor sharp talons, gutting them. Some days she wondered if he’d actually kill her. Had silently prayed for death on more than one occasion.

He laughed. “Oh, you are truly smart. Too smart maybe.”

A rake of those too sharp claws swiped across her cheek, burning her flesh like liquid acid pouring down on her. Silently she screamed, knowing he fed off the pain and anguish of others. Oh, he loved to see his handy work, too. She watched satisfaction flare in his unholy black orbs at the blood running down her face, ruining one of her favorite shirts.