By: Teresa Gabelman


I want to thank every reader who took a chance on a new indie writer and read Damon. You will never know what your support has meant to me.

I also want to thank those, who most likely, looked at their caller ID and cringed when they saw my number. Kelly Perkins, Marlene Kenton and Emma Treadway, you are the best. Thank you so much! Without you I would have had to enroll in an English course because my punctuation….well it sucks…big time. So thank you very much for your tireless editing and reediting and then final editing.

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No author achieves their dreams alone. At least I know I don’t. So once again to all above, thank you and to those of you who I will meet in the future, thank God for putting me on this path. Meeting new friends is, to me, the best part of this process.

Chapter 1

Jared Kincaid was not in the mood to screw around. If Duncan had a clue what kind of mood he was in, he would not be sending him in to question Chad Evans. Duncan’s main focus had been keeping Damon calm and Chad alive until they squeezed every bit of information out of the bastard.

Slamming the door open to the room they used for questioning Jared held back a smile when Chad jumped. He wanted to kill the stupid son of a bitch so badly he could taste it. Glancing at the two way mirror he knew Damon was there, his voice shouting inside his head to let him take a turn. Taking a seat Jared sat so close to Chad they were almost touching.

“Listen and listen good asshole.” Jared made a sudden move toward Chad grinning when the newly turned vampire flinched, his eyes going wide with fear before changing back to hate. “I’m going to ask you some questions and you’re going to answer them. It’s as easy at that.”

“Fuck you.” Chad hissed.

Grabbing Chad by the back of the head, Jared slammed his face into the metal table then just as quickly snapped his head back up with a hand full of hair. “Wrong answer.” Jared growled. “The next person to walk in here is going to be Damon and let me give you a small piece of advice.”

Chad’s eyes bounced from the two way mirror back to Jared, tonguing his broken fang, compliments of Damon.

Knowing Chad was scared enough to piss himself, he continued with a smirk. “The last guy that was in the same chair you’re in now had Damon as his last interrogator.” Jared hissed. “It didn’t go so well and all he did was mention Nicole’s name. You, on the other hand, tried to kill her.”

“But I didn’t.” Chad grunted, not seeming to be his bad self now.

Jared ignored him. “Actually it was Jamison, the one you hired for the hit on Nicole.” Jared was so enjoying the fear in his eyes. “I see you do remember. What Damon did, well let’s just say I’ve never seen anything like it and I’ve seen a lot of shit.”

Chad shifted nervously his eyes welling up. “What did he do?”

Jared shivered for effect because he really wanted to see this bastard cry like a little girl. “It’s almost too gruesome to repeat, but I was behind that two way mirror watching just as Damon is now. Jamison remained closed mouth until he started talking about Nicole in a way Damon took offense to.”

“What the hell did he do?” Chad’s high pitched squeal was music to Jared’s ears. Yeah, he was getting to the fucker.

Jared played it out for a minute longer, looking from the glass back to Chad making him squirm. “He twisted Jamison’s head off with his bare hands. I have never in my thousands of years seen a head bounce like that.” Jared tried to make himself look horrified but couldn’t help the slow grin spreading across his face. “So, if you want to continue being a closed mouth asshole then by all means do it, but for your information Damon is in my head right now wanting in here. To be quite honest, we didn’t get much out of Jamison at all. Damon is a wild man when it comes to his mate. He really doesn’t give a shit what you have to say.”