By: Chantal Fernando


Thank you to my family, I love you all.

T, T and J - Words can’t express how much I love all of you. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for each of you.

Rocky - Thank you for supporting my dream, and encouraging me. And listening to me talk non-stop about my book characters. Love you.

Tenielle - You are always there for me when I need you. And I will always need you. Love you infinity.

Sasha - Love you always baby sis.

Arijana Karcic - I don’t think I could possibly thank you enough. You are so kind hearted, giving, helpful, amazing, talented. And hilarious. I can’t forget that one. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for everything you do for me, you really go above and beyond and I will be forever grateful. I think everyone needs an Arijana in their lives and I’m so happy to have you in mine.

*Cue the small violin*

Kara Brown - Thank you so much for all of the time and effort you put into helping me! I truly appreciate you and everything you do for me. You have been such a great friend and I’m so glad to have met you.

Stephanie Knowles - Thank you for everything! Encouraging me, supporting me, offering your opinion. I really appreciate it. You are simply amazing. And the surprise box of treats you sent me was one of the most thoughtful things anyone has ever done for me.

Aileen Day - Thank you for all the support, and for loving James as your number one book boyfriend, lol.

Sara Browning - I love you <3

Tsk Tsk What to Read - A huge thanks to Shelley Bunnell and Kathryn Vanessa Spell Grimes for everything they do for me. Cover reveals, blog tours, anything. These lovely ladies are amazing, and you should definitely check out their blog!

Thank you to all the blogs that have supported me! There are so many of them, but here are a few that have gone above and beyond:

Three Chicks and Their Books, Mommy’s Late Night Book Up, One More Chapter, Nerd Girl, Forever Me Romance, Jenee’s Book Blog, Love between the sheets.

To my beta readers - a huge thank you for your help <3


The past


I step out of my car, and scan the area surrounding the house. The front door opens, and Danielle walks to the front steps, wearing a house robe. Her gaze darts back and forth cautiously as she approaches. Her blonde hair is loose and messy, her makeup smudged around her eyes. I quickly make my way towards her, not wanting her to be seen.

You should be inside, Danielle, I chastise, but it's not harsh. I'd never raise my voice at this woman.

“I know, James. I just wanted to thank you. I finally did it… We finally did it,” she whispers as she kisses me softly on the cheek. "I wrap an arm around her."

Come on, let’s get inside, I encourage. We walk inside together, and I lock the door.

I’m making some coffee, she says, heading into the kitchen.

I’m about to follow her when someone knocks on the door. I open it and come face to face with the last person I expect to see right now.

“James, what are you doing here?” Sasha asks, bemused. I think for the first time in my life I’m speechless.

“James, who is it?” Danielle calls out in a worried voice.

“It’s no one,” I call back to her, then cringe when I realise what I said.

“No one?” Sasha repeats, the pain in her voice evident.

“I didn’t mean it like that, Sasha,” I say, instantly wanting to erase the hurt from her eyes.

“James, why are you here? Who is this woman?” she demands, her voice gaining steel.

“I can’t do this right now, okay. You need to go home,” I tell her, trying to convey with my eyes how important it is that she follows my instructions. I clench my fists, wanting nothing more than to take Sasha in my arms right now, but I don’t. I can’t. I have a responsibility. Sasha will understand, I'll explain everything to her when I’m able to do it. It’s just not a possibility right now. When tears cloud her eyes, I swallow hard. One thing I can’t take is women’s tears, which is probably what brought me to where I am today.

“Go,” I mouth to her, hiding as much emotion as I can.

“James, what's going on?” Danielle asks, her voice unsure.

“Sasha, you need to leave,” I demand harshly.

“Oh, I’ll go alright. Goodbye, James,” Sasha says with finality, turning around and running to her car.