Into the Darkness (Darkness Series Book 5)

By: Katie Reus

Chapter 1

Rhea smoothed a hand down her dress—a freaking dress. It had been probably about fifty years since she’d worn one. Maybe longer. Ugh. What the hell was she doing anyway? Frowning at her silly self, she pushed open the door to the training room. She’d left a couple blades down here and—

“Holy hotness!” Spiro’s dark eyes widened as he caught sight of her—until Solon slammed a fist into his face, sending him flying back across one of the training mats.

“That’s weak, dude. Can’t get distracted by a pretty female.” Solon shook his head as Spiro quickly jumped to his feet. But not before shooting her a quick wink.

Feeling some of her tension ease, but not much, she headed around the length of the mats since she was wearing heels. Well, kitten heels. She wasn’t doing more than two inches. It didn’t matter that she had shifter agility and balance, high heels were stupid. And whoever had invented them hated feet. And women.

As she reached one of the tables, she smiled and picked up her two new titanium blades. Sharpened to perfection. For the most part she preferred to fight in her wolf form, but she loved having blades with her. Weapons were offensive to her animal side but as a woman and a warrior, she appreciated the beauty of such superb craftsmanship. True art. And these were—

“You’re always giving me grief about my new weapons yet here you are looking like you want to start making out with these beauties.” Solon strode up, a towel thrown around his neck.

She glanced past him to see Spiro heading out. “You guys done?”

Solon shrugged, running a hand over his dark skull trim. “Yeah, he got tired of getting his ass kicked.”

“Liar,” Spiro shouted as he left the room.

He leaned against the table, eyebrows raised. “So? What’s up with the dress?”

“What do you mean?” She avoided his gaze as she slid the blades into their custom-made sheaths.

“Come on. This about all those texts you’ve been getting from someone you think I don’t know about?”

Rhea narrowed her gaze. She’d been calling and talking with a certain Alpha dragon shifter for the last eight months but hadn’t told Solon about it. She and Solon might be best friends but some things she wanted to keep private. Besides, her texts were just friendly and she didn’t have to tell Solon everything. God, why did she feel so defensive? “What do you think you know?”

Grinning, he kissed her forehead. “I know that he’s a goner once he sees you in this dress.”

She cleared her throat. She wasn’t going to respond to that statement because it would be confirming she’d dressed up for a male. The thought was ridiculous even to her, but…she couldn’t help herself. Because Conall Petronilla would be here soon and Rhea felt stupidly excited to see him. Their friendship had taken her off guard, but she found herself looking forward to hearing from him every day. “So, what are you up to tonight?”

He grinned, showing off perfect white teeth. “Heading up to Bo and Nyx’s club.”

She snickered. “I’m sure the night will end well for you then.” The male had absolutely no problem finding female companionship. Rhea was from a different generation though and would never be as relaxed about sex as him. Not to mention she’d once been hurt badly by a male. After losing her almost-mate, then living through hell, casual sleeping around held no appeal.

She held her covered blades at her side. “I’ll walk you out. Victoria said she wanted to talk to me about something to do with the wedding.” Rhea couldn’t imagine what her packmate could want to talk about though. She wasn’t in Bo and Nyx’s wedding, though she was happy for the half-demon and demigod who’d become friends with their pack.

“Maybe it’s for fashion advice.” His voice was dry.

She nudged him with her hip as they stepped out into the polished wood hallway of the Stavros pack’s mansion. She needed to drop her weapons in her room too. “Don’t be a jackass.”

Solon just smirked, his lips curving up wickedly. Rhea had never felt an ounce of attraction toward the male but she understood why females seemed to fall at his feet.