Insatiable Stepdaughter(10)

By: Belle Hart

“Oh, Bill, I need you…” I say as I put one hand up to caress his cheek as he sucks my neck. He slides one hand down the front of my body to slip his fingers inside my cunt. I am slippery with cum. I moan at the feel of his rough manly fingers there. He has me spread my legs a little bit. Then he dips down and slides his hard dick up into me. I moan loudly.

I am kneeling upright as he grips my body around the waist and starts to thrust into me. Then he moves his hands to my tits and starts to massage them greedily. I am in heaven. I moan as he thrusts. I am so horny for him. I put my hands over his hands as he massages my breasts. He kisses my neck and thrusts his dick into me over and over. I feel dizzy and drunk with desire.

I move my hands back to his ass, feeling it clench as he pushes his dick up into me. He groans.

“Fuck me, Daddy,” I say with a whimper. “Fuck me so hard…”

He starts to speed up his fucking. I can feel him fill me up over and over again, sliding in and out. I am moaning almost continuously. This is so hot. I can barely stand it. I feel a huge orgasm start to rush up into a climax.

“Oh, Bill…” I moan. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…”

He starts driving his cock into me harder, really shoving it in. He is panting and breathing hard. He takes his hands off my breasts so he can hold my hips steady while he fucks me hard. I start to play with my own tits as I begin to climax.

“Fuck yes!” I say just before it bursts. “UGHHH!” I groan loudly as pleasure explodes inside me. I start to shiver and shake, pleasure tingles through my body. He fucks me a little more and then really shoves the last thrust into me.

“UGGHHH!” he grunts as he shoots cum up inside me. He puts his arms around me to stop my shaking.

“Oh, Erica,” he says. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Bill,” I say. We are both out of breath. He holds me tight for a moment, then one of his hands travels down to my pussy. His dick is still inside me. He slips his fingers over my clit and starts to massage it gently.

“Oh, Jesus…” I say as exquisite pleasure starts to build up again. “Oh, fuck…”

He rubs my clit harder, in a steady rhythm.

“Oh, fuck… Oh, God, Bill…” I say as I start to pant. His body is pressed to mine and I can feel his heartbeat speed up, like mine. I can also feel his dick growing hard again inside me.

“Oh, God…” I say as he fucks me with his fingers. I can feel a surge of pleasure roar up inside me, sharp and painful and beautiful. I groan loudly as ecstasy bursts through me again. Then I start to quietly cry. It feels so good I can barely stand it. Each time with him is better than the last. He stops rubbing my clit and starts to fuck me again.

His dick is rock hard again as he starts thrusting into me. I can barely think. He grips my body tightly in his arms. His arms are crossed in front of me and each hand grabs one of my breasts to fondle and massage as he fucks me. I reach back and put my hands on the top of his head. I caress the sides of his face as he fucks me frantically. The walls of my cunt feel so good right now, I am almost numb.

He fucks me and grunts and I feel pleasure start to ache through my pussy again. Tears are leaking out of my eyes as he thrusts his dick into me and rubs my tits. He is breathing hard into my neck. I am speechless. I feel the pleasure intensify into a roar as it builds up. He pushes his cock deep inside me and I start shoving my ass down into every thrust so he can go deeper. He starts to pant and grunt now. I am panting and whimpering and moaning and caressing his head and hair and cheeks.

“Oh, God, Bill, UGGHHHH!” I grunt as I cum. A huge orgasm shoots through me. I whimper as another orgasm rips through me.

“Uh!… Uh!… UGGHHH!” Bill grunts loudly as he cums inside me again.

We are both sweaty and panting as he holds me tight.

“Can I sleep with you tonight?” I ask weakly.

“Of course,” he says with a laugh, still out of breath. He pulls out of me, then scoops me up in his arms and carries me to the head of the bed. He lays me down under the covers and crawls in with me. He gathers me in his arms and holds me close. I put one leg over his legs as we face each other. I rest my hand on his chest, close my eyes, and fall asleep.