Infatuation:A Rebel Stepbrother Romance(9)

By: Phoenyx Slaughter

“Don’t do that, Ella. You want this as much as I do.”

“What I want and what’s good for us are two different things.”

“You’re good for me.”

“You don’t know that.”

I risk moving a few more steps in her direction.

“I’m good for you.”

“No. We’re bad for each other. We’ll both end up hurt.”


Tears shimmer in her eyes, and it seems a little extreme. Yes, we’d been caught by our parents when we were teenagers. It had been embarrassing for everyone. Worse for her, since she got shipped off to boarding school. But we’re adults now.


“Just let me go. I should check on Summer.”

The air between us has shifted. Playing games won’t do the trick.

“Okay. But we’re still not done with this.” I move away from the door.

“You might not be. I am.”

Chapter Five

Thank God I brought my dress and train case to Summer’s room earlier. This way I don’t have to see Flynn again before the rehearsal dinner. My body wants to give in to him every time he’s within two feet of me, no matter what my brain thinks.

Summer’s happy chatter helps keep my mind off the way Flynn’s hard body pressed into my soft one. The beautiful ink that hadn’t been there six years ago. The chiseled, defined muscles he’s obviously been working hard on the last few years.

“Ugh, my mother’s staying with me in here. She’s a light sleeper too. No pre-wedding nookie,” Summer grouches as I dab concealer under her eyes.

“You’ll have plenty of time for post-wedding nookie after tomorrow,” I tease.

“Speaking of nookie—”

“Were we?”

“Yes. Stu said you and Flynn looked cozy when he stopped by earlier.”

“We were having a . . . discussion.”

She closes her eyes while I sweep eyeshadow on her lids. This is good practice for tomorrow, when we’ll be in a time crunch. An awful thought enters my mind while I’m working. What if Flynn’s all revved up, after our make-out session, and decides to help disentangle Lena from her teeny-tiny bathing suit to ease his suffering?

Perish the thought.

As if she’d heard me pondering her swimsuit mishaps, Lena knocks and enters before anyone invites her in.

“Hi, girls.”

“I think you’re all done, Summer.”

Lena runs her gaze over my work as if she’s the makeup inspector. “Nice work, Ella.”

Oh. Now I feel like an ass. “Thanks.”

“Think you can do me tomorrow?”

“Sure. Summer asked me to do all the girls.”


We chat almost normally, bringing back memories of times before everything got out of control and messed up. Before I was sent away and lost everything.

It’s nice, but it also reminds me why Flynn and I can’t risk getting too close again.

Never again.

Ella never returned to our room before the rehearsal dinner. Sneaky girl. I waited until the last possible second, then joined the guys for the party. I’m still half-hard from our kiss. Still dying to put my mouth on every inch of her body.

An elbow to my ribs kicks me out of those thoughts.


“Dude, you’re drooling.”

Without thinking, I swipe my hand across my chin, making Stu laugh like an idiot.

“Just fucking talk to her.”

“We did.”

“Without sticking your tongue down her throat.”

One corner of my mouth curls up. I hadn’t even told Stu about our up-against-the-door makeout session. “Worry about your own tongue.”

He responds with a lewd grin. “My tongue and other parts are in lockdown until tomorrow night. Summer’s mother decided to bunk with her in case we got any pre-marital sex ideas.”

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