By: Melissa Schroeder

Little by little, she was killing him. Pleasure took hold of his body, of his mind. At this point, he wasn’t sure how much longer he would last. He was a man who loved foreplay. He thought with Shannon he would take hours. He had dreamed of it for years, planned it. Then when she was so out of her mind she was begging for relief, he would take her.

There was no way he would make it. He didn’t have the ability to take it slow. If he tried, there was a good chance he would embarrass himself.

She arched up against him, pressing her crotch against his pants. Even through the cotton fabric, he felt her heat. He knew then it was imperative that he got naked ASAP.

He gave her breast one last lick, then he rose to his knees. He was ready to undress, but apparently she was sick of waiting. She sat up and took over the job herself. He didn’t wear underwear, so when she unzipped him, his straining cock sprung free. Her eyes widened, and she wrapped her hand around it.

“Oh, Shannon, yeah...”

His words trailed off as he lost the ability to speak. He watched her dip her head and take the tip of his penis into her mouth. The first flick of her tongue pulled a drop of pre-come from him. He shuddered, and he knew he should tell her to stop. There was every chance that he would lose it, lose complete control and come right then in there. But instead, he watched as his cock disappeared between her lips and into the deep recesses of her mouth. It was possibly one of the most erotic things he had ever seen.

She took it slowly at first, just pulling in about half of his cock. But soon he was thrusting in and out of her mouth, and she was humming against his sensitive flesh.

He pulled away right about the time he lost it. It was when he looked down at her that he realized he hadn’t brought protection.


Before he could say anything, Shannon solved the problem. “In the bag on the table.”

He noticed the plastic bag then. He jumped off the bed, got rid of his pants, and pulled out the box of condoms. His hands were shaking with desire, and he could barely get the box open as he crawled back up on the bed. When he did, the condoms went flying all over the bed beside her. She laughed, the joy of it loosening something in his heart. As he looked down at her, he couldn’t believe that this woman, with her loving nature and her beauty, wanted him.

“I don’t know about you, but that seems pretty ambitious. But you are the first Seal I’ve gone to bed with.”

He looked at the condoms and couldn’t fight the gurgle of laughter. He grabbed one. “I don’t like to waste anything, so we better get started, babe.”

He ripped open the condom and had it on in record time. He wanted it fast and hard, but he knew he couldn’t push her. He would probably have to leave in the next few hours, knowing his luck. So he decided he would at least try and take it slow.

He slipped his hands over her belly, enjoying the way her muscles quivered beneath his palm. So soft, so silky, her skin amazed him. He would never get enough of her, he knew that much. He slid his hands to her hips and pulled her up. With one hard thrust, he entered her. At first he worried he had been too hard, but the next moment she moaned. The sound of it filled the quiet room and filtered into his soul. He started to move, tried to keep himself in check. He was a man who was known for his control, but where Shannon was concerned, he barely had any.

It didn’t take her long. She was coming apart beneath him, and he couldn’t stop his own orgasm. Her muscles clamped down hard on his cock, pulling him deeper into her warmth, and he lost himself. With one long, hard thrust, he came, shuddering as he moaned her name.

He collapsed on top of her. She grunted then laughed and wrapped her arms around him. He leaned up and looked down at her. Fuck, there wasn’t a more beautiful woman. Oh, physically, plastic surgeons had perfected the female face. But never once had he seen a woman who produced such joy. He had seen some horrible things in his life, and being with her lightened his load.

“You really are too beautiful for me,” he said, embarrassed by the way his voice had roughened.

“Oh, really? I will have you know that you and Mal were the topic of discussion among many of the women. Two hot—not my description of Mal, but theirs—Seals… I am the lucky one here.”

He couldn’t tell her how he felt. There were thoughts in his mind, things that he should say, but he didn’t know how to put it into words. Hell, Kade wasn’t really sure what he felt. All he knew was that his heart was in his throat and that the man he was an hour ago no longer existed. Not after this. He had known it would be good, but Kade hadn’t known exactly how much this would mean to him. He’d had great sex before, but this was something else.


He heard the worry in her voice and could say nothing to ease them. He knew he had to look too serious for the situation. Instead, he kissed her, pulling her bottom lip between his teeth. She closed her eyes and hummed. After a few minutes of teasing, he rolled off her and went to the bathroom to discard his condom. When he stepped out of the bathroom, he smiled. Shannon was already snuggled under the covers, half asleep. She was notorious for being a heavy sleeper, and someone who could fall asleep at the drop of a hat.

He walked as quietly as possible and slipped into bed. His heart turned over when she shifted closer and snuggled against him. Damn, this was more than he expected, more than he was able to give. But for this night, before the reality of the world returned, he would pretend she was his to keep forever.

Tomorrow would come soon enough.

Chapter Four

Shannon awoke slowly, blinking in the darkness. As usual, the first sense that really took hold was her sense of smell. There was a strange combination of plumeria and musky male that had her confused. It took her a second to remember just where she was.

Hawaii. Chris and Cynthia’s wedding. She shifted her weight and came up against a hard wall of muscle.


No wonder the bed felt like a heater. The man gave off heat like a steam engine. But she didn’t care. She had Francis McKade in her bed.

She smiled. She knew she looked smug, but who wouldn’t? The man she had in bed had to be every heterosexual woman’s dream come true. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she pulled herself up and rested her weight on her elbow. The man was amazing. Never in her life had she had a man that looked like this in her bed. Hard muscles, tattoos on his back, and damn, but he was like a wonderland made just for her. He was as gorgeous on the inside as on the outside.

Her fingers itched to touch, to explore. They were both tired from their trips over the Pacific, but she couldn’t stop herself. Without hesitation, she gave into her compulsion to touch him.