Infatuation:A Rebel Stepbrother Romance(5)

By: Phoenyx Slaughter

With no other choice, I follow the girls.

So fucking close.

Chapter Three

What just happened?

Flynn kissed me. Touched me. I wanted him to do so much more. Instead, I’m following Summer downstairs, with Flynn behind me.

Summer stops so abruptly I almost ram into her. When I glance up, the reason for her sudden stop becomes clear. Lena’s waiting downstairs in what can only be described as a micro-bikini made out of hot-pink tissue paper. Ridiculous stiletto mules finish off the outfit, and she’s spread enough oil over her tanned skin to grease a pig. Centerfold beautiful.

Between the two of us, there’s no contest. Flynn will fall for her charms again this weekend, and I’ll have to sit by, watching. Pretending I don’t care.

Summer’s mouth twitches into a nervous smile. “Interesting look, Lena.”

Lena’s lip curls. “This old thing?”

My eyes roll.

“Hey, Ella,” Lena calls out.

“Hi, Lena. Good to see you.”

Lena nods, then dismisses me. She pushes past Summer and me to latch onto Flynn. “Hey, handsome.”

Flynn’s gaze shoots to me and I shrug. No matter how much I wish it weren’t true, I’ve got no claim on him.

He pulls out of her embrace. “Hi.”

“Excuse me, young lady. You need to cover up when you’re inside. Save that stuff for the strip club,” the check-in lady shouts from across the room.

I stifle a laugh, while Lena actually looks embarrassed for about a nanosecond. Then she thrusts her chin in the air and struts out the front door. Summer and I snicker. Even Flynn’s struggling not to crack a smile.

As we follow behind Lena, I groan at her exaggerated walk. Her butt winks with every damn step. She ought to look ridiculous in this quiet beach community, but she’s so gorgeous it doesn’t matter. I glance over at Flynn, but his eyes are focused on his feet.

I’m not sure what to make of that.

We kissed! The memory of his lips on mine, his hands on me . . . how far would we have gone if we hadn’t been interrupted?

Butterflies bounce around in my stomach as I imagine all the possible scenarios.

We run into Stu’s brother, Brady, on the beach. He hugs his sister-in-law to be, then gives me a squeeze and shakes Flynn’s hand. Lena, of course, gives him an inappropriate kiss while rubbing her breasts all over him. Clearly annoyed, he takes a step back.

The boys take off for the water, and Lena follows them.

Wrapping my hand around Summer’s arm, I stop her from running down to the water. “I need to talk to you.”

She raises an eyebrow.

“Flynn and I kissed.”

“You what? When? Oh my God, that’s awesome!” Like the drama queen she is, she tips her head back. “Finally!” she shouts at the sky.

I can’t help laughing. “Hush. Don’t get too excited, someone banged on our door and stopped us.”

“Who? Oh, me. Sorry. So, go talk to him.”

“I can’t. We can’t. You know that.”

“Why? You’re not blood-related. Who cares?”

“We’ve known each other since we were thirteen.”


“You don’t understand.” I can’t explain the way Flynn’s monster of a father forbade us from ever being a couple. That he’ll disown Flynn, taking everything he’s worked so hard for away from him in a heartbeat. And God only knows what he’ll do to me.

“I can’t compete with Lusty Lena,” I say instead.

“Um, if you haven’t noticed, he’s been trying to keep his distance from her.”

“He just doesn’t want to hurt my feelings.”

“Look, I know she’s not your favorite person in the world, but she was a big help to me when my dad passed away.”

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