Infatuation:A Rebel Stepbrother Romance(32)

By: Phoenyx Slaughter

“Careful, Ella.”

She rubs her clit harder and her hips jump.

I slide out slow and push back in faster a number of times before finally slamming into her full force.

The breath’s knocked from her lungs, but she keeps working her clit. I’ve never taken someone so intensely or savagely before, and it’s amazing.

More power behind my hips knocks her flat to the bed, and I ride her all the way down.

“Oh, fuck. I’m coming, Flynn. Don’t stop.”

Thank God.

Her ass squeezes even tighter around my cock as she screams out her release. Under me, she’s writhing and whimpering. My balls tighten. Vision blurs, and my cock’s jerking in her ass.

When my dizziness passes, I carefully pull out of her ass and roll onto the bed next to her.

My hand cups the back of her head. “You okay?”

“I’m perfect.” She hesitates and then finishes her thought. “I’m glad we tried it, but I don’t know if I want to do it again any time soon.”

“Seemed like you came pretty hard.”

She smiles dreamily. “True.”

“Let me clean up, I’ll be right back.”

She’s almost asleep when I return with a damp washcloth.

Once we’re under the covers and she’s spooned against me, I kiss the side of her neck. She sighs and runs her hand over my arm that’s resting over her hip.

“I love you, husband.”

“Love you too, wife.” I love the easy way the word wife rolls off my tongue.

It sounds so much better than Lil’ Sis.

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I originally wrote Flynn and Ella’s story a few years ago. It lacked something, so I put it away to work on other things. Then one day it came to me. Instead of friends to lovers, they’d work much better as step-siblings…and so their story was reborn!

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Copyright © 2015 by Phoenyx Slaughter

Although the felt of the pool table is starting to chafe against my bare back, the face planted between my legs has a magical tongue attached to it, so I’m not about to complain.

Firm fingers dig into my thighs, pulling me closer. This man is insatiable. Devouring me, not giving a shit about the wet, slurpy sounds echoing through the cavernous room of his clubhouse.

Not that it matters. For the moment, we’re alone.

This is my first time inside the Iron Bulls MC’s clubhouse.

“Whatcha got here, Dante?”

Dante, that’s magic tongue’s name. I whine and bump my hips up when he stops licking me to answer whoever interrupted him.

“None of your business. Get lost.”

“You got her laid out in the front room. That’s beggin’ to have someone join in.”

Even though it isn’t phrased as a question, I think he’s asking permission. Dante flicks his simmering brown eyes up at me then slips a finger inside my pussy. “She’s a tight little bitch.” My eyes roll shut and I let out a moan.

“Jesus, fuck! Karina? What the hell?”

My eyes snap open.


“You know her, Hemi?”

“Yeah, I fuckin’ know her.”