Infatuation:A Rebel Stepbrother Romance(29)

By: Phoenyx Slaughter

“Of course not. I just feel bad.”

“Fuck her,” Summer says, making me laugh.

“Are you sure Stu didn’t mind you going down a few hours early?” I ask.

I catch her glaring at me from the corner of my eye. “It’s fine. Pretty soon, I won’t be able to leave the house, so let me enjoy the road trip, would you?”

So much for enjoying the road trip. Summer ends up falling asleep. When we arrive at the beach house, I’m surprised to find Flynn’s car in the driveway.

He jogs down the front steps and opens my car door. “There’s my girl,” he says as he takes my hand.

“You’re here.”

“Missed you too much,” he whispers against my ear. Delighted shivers race over my skin, tightening my nipples to hard points.

“Um, can you two grope each other later? One of you needs to help me out of the car,” Summer shouts.

Flynn raises his eyebrows, struggling to hold back his laugher. “She must have been fun to drive down with,” he jokes.

“Oh, yeah.”

“I heard that!”

Flynn helps her out and up the stairs. Stu’s waiting inside, and her delighted squeals when she finds him turns my mouth up.

After we unpack, Summer knocks on my door. “Let’s go meet the boys at the beach. They’re setting up a volleyball net. We have to kick their asses.”

“How on earth are you planning to play volleyball in that condition?”

“Don’t make me sit on you,” she threatens.

The boys do have a game set up. Brady and Gina are also at the beach.

It’s a nice little reunion    .

There’s a pang of sadness in my chest that my mother won’t be here, but she chose to stick by Flynn’s father. I pray he never hurts her the way he hurt me.

Pregnancy seems to have infused Summer with some kick-ass volleyball skills. We crush the guys, mostly due to her. Gina and I . . . not so much.

Flynn leads me to the water, where we splash around more than swim. He picks me up, and I brace my hands on his shoulders. Leaning in, I take his lips in a quick, salty kiss. The briny scent of the ocean mixed with his own scent leaves me lightheaded. My hand reaches down, brushing against his growing erection.

“No dick for you, naughty girl.”

My lip juts out, and he kisses my cheek and whispers against my ear, “Your rule, remember?”

Why did I think that was a good idea?

“You’re getting married today!” Someone shouts in the hallway. Banging on one of the doors follows. Next to me, Ella groans.

So much for no nookie before the wedding.

I won’t say who caved first. It’s not gentlemanly.

“Holy shit! We’re getting married today!” Ella pounces on me, shouting in my face. Her enthusiasm turns me inside out. I love this woman.

Cradling the back of her head with my hand, I pull her down for a kiss. “Ready to give that ass up tonight?” I whisper as she pulls away.

Her eyes widen. Pupils dilate. Her hips wiggle against me, grinding her pussy against my morning wood.

“I’ll give it to you right now, baby.” She wiggles her eyebrows as she says it.

“Game on, beautiful.”

She giggles and pushes away from me, scrambling out of bed before I can grab her.

Just out of reach, she stops and waves her butt at me. Hooks her fingers in her sleep shorts and slides the material down over her perfectly round little ass. “Come get it.”


Summer must have finally realized where Ella ended up last night. She pounds on my door next. “Open up, fornicators. I know you’re in there.”

Ella bursts out laughing, pulls her pants up, and throws the door open.

“Hey!” While she may have put sleep clothes on last night, I didn’t. Essentially I’m trapped in the bed until Summer leaves.