Infatuation:A Rebel Stepbrother Romance(2)

By: Phoenyx Slaughter

The blush that races over her cheeks reminds me of how my stepsister turns pink in other places. Places I have no business knowing about.

“I’m doing Summer’s makeup, so I had to bring all my supplies,” she answers so seriously I almost feel bad for teasing her.

But not really. Teasing puts us back in familiar territory.

The bored-looking receptionist imparts some lovely news as soon as we roll up to the desk and Ella asks for her room. “I’m sorry, Ms. Parker, but I don’t have a reservation for you alone. I have a Parker-Masterson reservation.”

I have to clamp my lips together to stop myself from laughing out loud. The gods must really hate my ass. Sharing a room with Ella all weekend without touching her is too much to ask.

Nudging Ella out of the way, I pin the desk clerk with my bedroom stare. “I’ll pay extra to get my own room.” I punctuate it with a raised eyebrow designed to let her know maybe she’ll get an invitation if she gives me what I want.

Flustered, she taps a few more times on her keyboard. Next to me, Ella snorts and rolls her eyes. “I’m so sorry, Mr. Masterson. If I could, I would. But it’s not the money. We just don’t have the room.”

I turn to Ella and give her my “I tried my best” smile. Even agitated—hell, especially agitated—Ella’s fucking beautiful. Her crystal blue eyes are practically throwing off sparks, she’s so pissed. It only makes me want her more. I’d be offended that she’s so adamant about not sharing a room with me, except I’ve never been able to stay mad at Ella for more than a second.

“It’s fine. We’ll make do.” I snatch the key from her hand and lead my stepsister upstairs to our room.

Chapter Two

This is the worst. The absolute worst. Sharing a room with Flynn? Nope. No way. Not gonna happen.

A thin squeal at the top of the stairs can only belong to the bride-to-be. I’ll kill Summer. I’d bet Flynn’s fancy Porsche she’s behind the room mix-up.

“I’m so excited you guys are finally here!” she shouts.

“Easy, killer.” Once I extract myself from her tight bear hug, I sweep my gaze over her. “You’re pretty calm for a woman about to have her last night of freedom.”

My friend flails her arms in the air—her way of waving the comment aside. Summer has a way of speaking volumes without saying a word.

“Flynn, looking handsome as always. I haven’t seen you in forever.” She catches him in another vise-grip hug. Unlike me, he has the strength to lift her in the air and spin her around. Good grief. My stepbrother’s not only smart, rich and gorgeous, he’s buff as hell too. He’s one of those nerds who works through problems by sweating it out at the gym. It’s infuriating.

“You’re gorgeous, Summer. Stu’s a lucky bastard,” he says as he sets her down.

Summer giggles. I swear Flynn can make a nun giggle. “Why don’t you go to your rooms and get settled in,” she suggests with a coy smile. “We’re all meeting at the beach a little later.”

No thanks. The “all” probably includes Lena. According to rumor, my former slutty friend is hoping to win my stepbrother back this weekend. Even though he can never be mine, that’s not something I need to witness.

“It seems . . . ” I pin her with a glare and draw the word out. “there’s been a mishap, and we have to share a room.”

Summer covers her mouth in mock horror. “Oh! How terrible. Well, I’m in the Bridal Suite. Come see me when you’re settled in.” She eyes my train case of makeup and the two dresses draped over my arm. “You can drop that stuff off in my room if you want,” she offers before turning and flouncing off—without offering to let me bunk with her. Fabulous.

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