Infatuation:A Rebel Stepbrother Romance(11)

By: Phoenyx Slaughter


The show was over. Somehow I’d missed the end of it.

“I’ll be right there.”

I throw a few bills down to cover our tab and run out to the parking lot. Gina, the best choice for designated driver, was busy stuffing Lena and Summer into the back seat of her small sedan. “Gina! I got them,” I shout and race over. She shouldn’t be wrestling with two drunk chicks in her condition.

Wiping my hair off my forehead, I lean in and buckle the two drunk messes up. “Don’t barf in Gina’s car,” I warn both of them, and they break into giggles.

They’re a little more sober when we get back to the bed and breakfast. Not much, but they’re at least able to walk themselves inside. We say goodnight and promise to wake Summer up bright and early.

“Bye girls, Flynn’s probably waiting for me,” Lena says with a drunken giggle.

So much for us getting along tonight.

Our room’s empty. No sign of Flynn.

An hour later, he still hasn’t returned, even though I swear I heard Stu’s voice in the hallway. Did he decide to go have hot, monkey sex with Lena after all?

Like an utter moron, I tiptoe down the hall and press my ear to Lena’s door. Silence.

No monkey sex.

Feeling foolish, I race back to my room.

Still no sign of Flynn.

I fall asleep waiting for him.

“Aw, buddy, you’re gonna be hurtin’ in the morning when that ten a.m. wakeup call comes.” Even though my words are slurry, Stu gets what I’m saying and laughs like a donkey.

The B&B’s dark when we get in. We’re trying to be quiet, but we probably wake the whole place getting Stu to his room. I give Brady a fist bump and say goodnight in the hallway.

Outside my room, I hesitate. If I go in there, I’m definitely fucking Ella. There’s no way I can sleep next to or near her tonight.

The beach is too inviting to ignore. Jogging back downstairs, I step into the sea-mist air and take a deep breath. I love this place. Wouldn’t mind having my own house by the shore. But only if I could share it with Ella. After this weekend, I won’t be able to taste salt water on my tongue without thinking of her.

One of the benches along the boardwalk looks like a perfect spot to park my sorry ass, so I can fantasize about my stepsister. Christ, I’m a sick fuck. Worst thing is, I don’t even care. Holding her in the waves today, kissing her in our room—I need to make her understand she’s mine and I’m hers. There’s nothing our parents can do now to tear us apart.

As I drift off into a drunken sleep, I wonder if Ella still blames me for getting her a one-way trip to boarding school. Another thought tries to follow, but sleep chases it away.

Chapter Seven

“I’m getting married today! I’m getting married today!” The shouts from the hallway can only belong to one person. I smile and groan at the same time as I fling the covers back and sit up.

Flynn never came back to the room.

That wipes the smile off my face.

“I’m getting married today! I’m getting married today!”

“I knew that Friends marathon the other night was a bad idea,” I grumble as I climb out of bed.

A shower perks me up enough to be functional. In the bedroom, there’s still no sign of Flynn.

I can’t worry about that. There’s so much to do before the wedding. I’m responsible for the makeup for the bridal party and the bride. I slip into a robe and pad down the hall to Summer’s room.

Put on your happy face. It’s Summer’s big day.

For someone who got so little sleep, Summer’s radiant when I step inside the room. She’s already scarfing down breakfast and hands me a plate. When we’re done, I get started on her makeup. If anyone needs to be perfect today, it’s her. Everyone else will have to wait their turn. I’ll do my own makeup last.

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