Infatuation:A Rebel Stepbrother Romance(10)

By: Phoenyx Slaughter

The water I’d been in the middle of sipping shoots up my nose. “A little late for that one,” I choke out between laughter.

“No shit. My balls are bluer than my fuckin’ eyes right now.” He jerks his chin at Summer, who waves at him. “Look at her. How am I supposed to stay away for another twenty-four hours?”

There’s a joke lingering at the tip of my tongue, but I reel it back. The love my two friends have for each other is enviable for sure. Makes me determined to work on Ella this weekend.

“I’m sure you’ll find time for a closet quickie or something,” I finally answer. What? If I let the jokes go by, he’ll be up in my business in record time.

“Good idea.” He slaps me on the back and stalks across the room to pull his bride-to-be out the door.

Ella’s eyes meet mine and she raises an eyebrow. I shrug and she laughs—a silent communication thing we perfected when we were teenagers.

I’m pretty sure I’ve been in love with her since then. No amount of faking, fucking or talking my way out of it seems to work.

Before this weekend’s over, I need her to be mine.

Chapter Six

As my gaze travels around the L-shaped table, it lands on Flynn. He’s watching me with an intent expression that sends heat blazing over my face. My lips tingle as I remember our earlier kiss.

Summer places a hand on my shoulder and takes her seat. She’s grinning from ear to ear, and her makeup’s smudged on the left side of her face.

“What were you up to? You messed up my work,” I say, delicately pointing to her cheek.

“Oh, shit. Is it bad?” She grabs a spoon and tries to use it as a hand mirror.

“Come here.” Using the cloth dinner napkin, I blend it back into place. “Better. Let me guess, Stu?”

Her mouth curls into a wicked grin. “Of course.”

After dinner, couples take over the dance floor. Flynn raises his eyebrows, silently asking if I want to dance. I’m about to nod yes when Lena presses herself against him and pulls him onto the dance floor. Watching them is enough to make my stomach churn. Instead, I focus on Stu and Summer. Summer deserves a good man, and Stu’s exceptional.

After parents and grandparents say good night, Brady and Flynn grab Stu and drag him out the door. He walks backwards and blows kisses to Summer the entire time.

“All right, ladies, it’s time!” Gina, Stu’s sister-in-law, turns to us and claps her hands together.

“Where are they headed?” Lena asks.

Gina waves her hand in the air. “Some strip club, a couple towns over. Bachelor party nonsense,” Gina answers.

Lena eyes Gina’s six-months-pregnant-belly. “You’re okay with that?”

Gina shrugs. “Those girls only care about the dollar bills the boys flash. Brady knows that. He’s not fooled.”

I admire Gina’s confidence.

Summer giggles along with her soon to be sister-in-law. “Boys will be boys. I’ve got something much more interesting in mind for us, don’t worry,” Gina says with an evil laugh.

Lena and I are left staring at each other.

“This should be fun,” I deadpan.

I was right to be apprehensive. Gina drags us to an all-male review. The last thing I want to do is sit in a crowded bar and watch a bunch of strange men get naked.

I only want to see Flynn naked.

That thought needs squashing, so I order a gin and tonic.

Lena gets right into the show. She laughs and dances with each man who gyrates into the crowd. She slips dollar bills into a lot of banana hammocks.

Wet blanket, party of one.

Does Flynn really think we’d be good together? How can he think that after what happened? How can he think I’d ever willingly set foot in his father’s house again? Our relationship would be doomed from the start.

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