Infatuation:A Rebel Stepbrother Romance

By: Phoenyx Slaughter

Chapter One

Flynn’s downshifting kicks me in the ass. All the weaving and dodging of potholes along the turnpike doesn’t improve the situation.

“If you’re going to spend ninety grand on a car, shouldn’t you at least know how to drive a stick?” I tease, then snicker.

“I’m learning, little sis.” He glances over and smirks. I don’t move a muscle. He knows how much I hate when he calls me that.

"I could have sworn I taught you how to drive a standard back in tenth grade," I mumble as I place a hand on the dash to steady myself while my stepbrother rounds the exit ramp at rocket speed.

He chuckles, but doesn’t slow down. “It’s a sensitive clutch.”

“Make a right at the next street, and take it easy. This is a quiet community.”

I catch him rolling his eyes, a sly grin playing over his lips, but he eases his foot off the gas. “Your mom asked if you’d come home with me after the wedding. She misses you.”

“I have to work this week.”

“Ella, you haven’t been home in four years.”

“That’s not my home. She knows where to find me if she misses me so much.”

Conversation grinds to a halt after that. He follows each one of my directions until we’re parked at the curb, staring at the old Victorian beach house that’s our home for the next seventy-two hours. “Sweet digs. Summer and Stu went all out,” he comments.

I want to be excited about my best friend’s wedding. Summer and I have known each other since first grade. But the thought of spending a weekend watching Flynn pick up chicks sours any excitement. “Everything will be perfect.”

He glances over with a questioning arch to his brow. “You’re not pissed about your bridesmaid dress?”

“Nope. It’s beautiful. Summer has excellent taste. She also paid for it, so even if it were a burlap sack, I’d be happy.”

His forehead wrinkles at the mention of who paid for my dress. My billionaire stepbrother hates that I refuse to take any money from him or accept a job at his father’s media corporation. Okay, billionaire is probably an exaggeration, but Flynn has done well for himself. Having a rich daddy to set you up in life works wonders.

“Any idea why they chose the Jersey Shore?” he asks as he opens my door. Such a gentleman.

“Don’t you remember? They spent every summer here. Oh, maybe you don’t. They stopped coming maybe a year after . . .”

I can’t finish the thought. After what? After the one time Flynn and I gave in to our attraction and it changed my world forever.

Six years later, and he still turns me inside out.

Little Sister. No matter how much Ella hates when I call her that, it’s important to keep saying it so I don’t forget. She’s off-limits.

If I were the kind of guy who got nervous, my palms would have been sweating from the moment Ella slid her sweet little ass into my car. I’m about one step away from confessing my feelings, telling her to fuck what anyone thinks, and fucking her on the hood of my car. The romantic beach setting only highlights what Ella and I will never have.

I’m sure I can find several women at the wedding who’d love to ease my suffering. Not to be cocky, but I’m young, ripped, and come from a wealthy family. I’m also packing a larger-than-average dick.

We’ll be in close quarters with Ella’s former friend, Lena, who’s never been shy about her appreciation of my assets.

My ex-whatever, Lena.

Yeah, she’d been a huge mistake.

I think Ella’s forgiven me, but you never can tell with her.

What an awkward weekend I have to look forward to.

“Christ, lil’ sis, what did you bring?” I ask as I drag her luggage out of the trunk.

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