By: J.L. Beck

Instead, I smiled. “You’re stupid because when Zerro comes for you, you’ll be running for the fucking hills.” I wasn’t sure why I said it, as I was losing hope he would come, but I had to have something to hold onto if I wanted to get out of here alive.

“Listen up, bitch. Whenever he comes for you, which he won’t, it will be to kill you. Have you forgotten you’re the enemy in his eyes?” He was mocking me. His eyes promised all kinds of things, and I knew, if he ever got his hands on me, he would try something.

Instead of luring myself into a deeper conversation where he would make me feel like I was beating my head against rocks, I simply zipped my lips. Allowing what he said to bother me would just bring more self-doubt, and given the situation I was in, it would be the last thing I needed.

“Did you hear me, bitch? I said you’re the enemy. Your father killed his mother. What don’t you understand about that? E.N.E.M.Y. That’s what you are.” He spelled the words out as if I were a dumb fuck who couldn’t comprehend what he was saying.

“I know how to fucking spell. I don’t care if he thinks I’m the enemy, my father didn’t do shit.” I was astonished. After everything, I was still sticking up for my father. I mean, he wasn’t here trying to figure out where his fucking daughter was.

An evil laugh left the masked man’s mouth, and I narrowed my eyes at him. From this distance, I couldn’t make out his height to weight ratio, and even if I could take him, I didn’t have the slightest clue on how the fuck I was going to get out of this hole.

“You know nothing about your father, do you?” He wasn’t really asking a question. I knew he was about to tell me something I didn’t want to hear.

“I know he’s my dad and that’s all that matters.” I had nothing more to say, so instead, I looked at my feet covered in dirt from the ground. I felt dirty, used, and abused, even though no one had touched me. Yet.

“You hear this…” I rolled my eyes. He must be talking to the other masked man who occasionally delivered shit for this nob job. “Little ole bitch here thinks her dad is the good guy in all of this.” I could hear his gruff laughter even though I was trying to block it out. I need to find a way out of this mess, out of this god for-fucking-saken hole.

“Is there a chance I could possibly get a shower someday… like soon… maybe?” I goaded, completely unfazed by their need to instill fear in me. I wasn’t scared of them. I knew I should’ve been, and there was probably something seriously fucked up in my brain for me not to be, but they hadn’t done anything other than belittle me.

“A golden shower maybe?” the man joked, even though I was sure he wasn’t kidding.

“No thank you, asshole…” I muttered under my breath throwing myself against the dirt covered wall. Where were we exactly? There was no way they could keep me in here forever. Someday, I would have to be released, right? Or would they keep me down her? Would they kill me? Anxiety crept up on me fast. What if I was really down here forever?

I dug my nails into the dirt as if to root myself into the wall. I would be okay. I could do this. I was strong. I knew what I was up against. My breaths were coming in and out at an outrageous pace, my chest heaving with every inhale as I sunk to the ground. My chest felt as if at any second, my lungs were going to collapse, the dirt surrounding me becoming the last thing I would ever see.

“Calm down, Piccolo.” I heard those words every time I closed my eyes. His deep voice basked me in a river of heat. Just thinking about him caused my heart to beat erratically.

I could do this—I had to do this. Standing up, I paced the small hole. How the hell did I get down here anyway? They probably fucking threw me… wouldn’t put it past them.

I needed to find a way out. I needed to do something even if it was dangerous, even if it provoked them to take action. If I didn’t, I surely would die down here.

Quietness surrounded me. The only sounds heard were the chirping of the birds and my own heartbeat. Where the hell did they go? No fucking way would they walk away leaving me here.