Indebted:Part Three (Series Finale)

By: Sadie Black

The Virgin & The Bad-Boy Billionaire (A BWWM Billionaire Romance)

“I’ve earned every single thing that I have in this world, and not on my knees.”

Kendra knows what it's like to watch someone work three jobs and still struggle to pay the rent. She has spent her entire young adult life determined to do better. In a few months, the lifetime of sacrifices will finally be worth it. She will be graduating at the top of her prestigious masters program at Columbia, and finally leave her job at the diner to venture into the world of business. The only thing that could make this moment sweeter would be if her mama was still here to watch her cross that stage and clutch that diploma she's given up everything for.

When Matthew Blackwell, the infamous billionaire bad-boy bachelor, shows up out of the blue in her diner asking for a date, Kendra's world is lurched sideways. With girls lined up around the block to be his "next mistake", Matthew could have almost any woman in New York City, or possibly the world. However, Kendra isn't interested in being his flavor of the week, until he hits her in her soft spot... her ambition. Despite her best attempts to keep her distance, Matthew's stunning good-looks and mischievous flare keep pulling her toward him.

Will she unlock the heart of the unbreakable bad-boy or will Kendra become another victim of Matthew Blackwell's reputation?

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“You want to hang onto your own conclusions, even if they make you miserable. Maybe because they do…”

Kendra Cole is on the cusp of having everything. After working tirelessly for the past six years, she is on the verge of graduating with her Masters in Business and embarking on an exciting career. That is, if she doesn't let her recent whirlwind romance with billionaire bad-boy, Matthew Blackwell, push her off her well-planned course.

After a misunderstanding involving Matthew and Kendra's best friend, she starts to understand how her relentless need for control is a double edged sword. While it has served her well in her pursuit of academic and professional perfection, it seems to push everyone she cares about away.

When Kendra learns more about Matthew's complex family history, she is faced with a devastating decision.

Will Kendra be willing to let go of control if it means understanding the depths of Matthew's dark past? Or will she give up on his complicated life and walk away forever?

Chapter One

You wouldn’t think that a greasy, exhausting, minimum wage job could make anyone sad to leave. Yet, I can’t help but feel nostalgia overwhelm me as I punch in for my very last shift at the diner. This marks the end of an era for me.

I’ve been slinging burgers at this place since I was seventeen, almost a decade of my life. Before this, minding people’s kids in my apartment block was the only experience I had on my resume. Leaving waitressing isn’t what has me choked up, I’ve always seen this as a pit stop for my real career, not a destination. The reason I’m trying to swallow this lump in my throat has nothing to do with handing out menus or cleaning tables. The diner has been a steady backdrop in my life and now that I’m taking a marketing position in the city, this place will fade into a distant memory.

My eyes glaze over as I recall how I brought my prom date here after the dance. When every other couple we knew were off experiencing teen romances on some of the city’s finest budget motel beds, or getting off in the backseats of cars, I brought Bernie to the diner. Sharing a plate of fries, we desperately tried to keep grease and ketchup from staining our rentals. The bright yellow corsage clings to my memory as tight as it clung to my wrist that night. Apparently, no one had bothered to explain to my fashion-clueless date that you’re supposed to match the flower with my dress, not his tie. To spare his feelings, I wore it. Even though it stuck out like a neon flashing Vegas sign against my fuchsia dress.

When Mama passed away, Mr. Taylor was a class act. He shut the diner down for the day, something he doesn’t even do on Christmas, and paid his respects at her funeral. I was so surprised to see him sobbing in the pews during the service. I knew that he had a little crush on her; it was pretty obvious to anyone with eyes. Mama used to pick me up sometimes when I was working late, and Mr. Taylor would always shower her with diner gifts: bottomless free coffee and pie. He would chat her up, beaming like the north star whenever she sat here waiting for me to finish up my shift. I never did see mama flirt back with him, but she did always seem to leave a lipstick stain on her coffee cups, even though she didn’t even wear make-up to church.