In Too Deep

By: Kathryn Shay

Author’s Note: In1997, I published the first of seven firefighter novels. Since thattime, I’ve received hundreds of requests for more firefighterbooks. AMERICA’S BRAVEST is my answer to these loyal fans. Intrying to infuse some continuity, I decided to go back to the HiddenCove Fire Department Rescue Squad first developed in AFTER THE FIRE,ON THE LINE and NOTHING MORE TO LOSE. I’ve started the new taleswith the cousin of the Malvaso clan, Gabriel “Gabe” Malvaso, andand went on to tell the stories of the individuals in his group.You’ll meet six new firefighters, and hear their stories in adifferent way: each character has his or her own novella, where thelove story is told in full, and other themes continue over the entiresix novellas. “In Too Deep” is the first in the series. Try thebook and see if you like it. If so, you can buy the whole package ina specially priced boxed set called AMERICA’S BRAVEST. Truthfully,I think this is some of the best work I’ve ever done. Kathy Shay


“Readers willappreciate the powerfully written, tense emergency situations. TheMalvaso clan and the other key characters seem genuine in and out ofemergency scenarios. Kathryn Shay pays homage to rescue workers withthis exhilarating tale.” Amazon Reader


“Powerhouseauthor Shay follows up After the Fire with another dramaticand dynamic thriller. Her complex and unforgettable charactersbreathe life into this truly intense novel.” Romantic Times BookClub


“Shay’spowerful characters and emotional topics strike a chord with herreaders and have earned her a well deserved place among the topromance authors.” Waldenbooks Romantic Reader


“Superbcontemporary romance that grabs you in the prologue and won’t letgo until you’ve read the final page. Bravo, Ms. Shay!” TheRomance Readers Connection