Imperfect Truth(6)

By: Ava Harrison

Ryder Matthews: Hey, you posted my link. Much appreciated.

Ava Readsalot: You’re welcome.

I stare at the computer, trying to formulate what to type next. I don’t want to stop talking to him. Even though we had only messaged a few brief times, I’m completely intrigued by him.

Ava Readsalot: I started reading Changing Faces: Blinded Lies today ;-)

Ryder Matthews: and?

Ava Readsalot: LOL

Ryder Matthews: What does that mean?

Ava Readsalot: It means Laugh Out Loud.

Ryder Matthews: I know what LOL means, smart ass!

Ava Readsalot: What does what mean?

Ryder Matthews: Wow are you going to make me explain the question?

Ava Readsalot: Yeah, I think I just might.

Ryder Matthews: Ava, how do you like my book?

Ava Readsalot: It really is a completely unique concept.

Ava Readsalot: The main character is interesting, dark. He is so devious and perverse. Where did you come up with the idea?

Ryder Matthews: Art imitates life sometimes ;-)

Ava Readsalot: I highly doubt that. No one can be that wicked.

Ryder Matthews: You never know…

Ava Readsalot: Well anyway, so far I’m loving it ;-)

Ryder Matthews: Good I’m glad.

A strange feeling rushes through me. I know it sounds crazy, but knowing that he is happy makes me happy.

Ava Readsalot: What else makes you “glad”

Ryder Matthews: Why? You taking notes?

Ava Readsalot: Maybe.

I start to type then stop…thinking of what I should write next. My hands on the keyboard, I finally decide to type exactly what I’m feeling.

Ava Readsalot: For some reason knowing something makes you happy makes me happy.

Ryder Matthews: Well I’m ecstatic to hear that.

Ava Readsalot: LMAO you’re silly.

We discuss his book some more, and within minutes, I’m hysterically laughing. It feels so good to laugh. After such a stressful beginning to my day, I feel revived by the reprieve Ryder has given me.

Ava Readsalot: I’m hysterically laughing right now. Thanks I needed this.

Ryder Matthews: ?

Ava Readsalot: Rough day!

Ryder Matthews: Want to talk about it?

For the next twenty minutes, I tell him all about the “Ice Queen.” His answers are concise, constructive, and supportive.

They inspire me.

He tells me her self-importance is a ruse to mask her lack of self-esteem, and that her obvious disdain for me is caused by her jealousy about my importance to her son.

Ryder Matthews: Don't conform…be unique, speak truth. Don’t let them force the real you to hide. From what I’ve come to know in this short time, any change on your part would be an utter travesty. You are perfect Ava. He’s a fool if he doesn’t see what he has in front of him.

When I finally sign off…

I feel alive.

I LEFT HOME IN a hurry this morning to join my friend Jules in Soho. Alexandre was on the couch with the television clicker in hand when I left him. Typical.

Jules and I went to college together. She grew up in the city, and I was from Westchester. I sought her out in the small southern school we attended. A mutual friend gave me Jules’s name and phone number, telling me we would get along. I remember the day I called as if it was yesterday…

“Hi. Is Jules there?”


“Hi, umm…this is Ava. I got your phone number from Marci Sager. I know Marci from high school. Well, she told me there was a girl from the city that she knew from sleep away camp going to college with me…”


“She told me…”

“Yeah, I get what she told you…so you just called me?”

“Yes, well she gave me your number.”

“Wow, that’s just scary.”

“So does that mean, you don’t want to come out for drinks?”



“So you just call random strangers to meet for drinks?”

“Well, you’re from NY.”

“I could be a serial killer.”

“Well, are you?”


“Okay, so you want to come for drinks?” She didn’t speak for a second, so I peeked at the phone to make sure the call hadn’t dropped. “Hello?”

“Where are you going?”

“I met a few guys today on campus. They told me to meet them at Deuce’s.”