Husband Rollover (Husband Series Book 4)(2)

By: Louise Cusack

“I’m impatient. What can I say?” Nick shrugged his wide shoulders and those bottomless blue eyes gazed into mine so directly, it made me wish all over again that I’d tried harder to nail him at Jill’s wedding, when he hadn’t even kissed Louella. Although, from the way he’d looked at her back then, it was pretty clear to all of us that no one else was putting their Jimmy Choos under his bed.

Thankfully my inappropriate regrets were interrupted by Kamal standing up. “I give in,” he announced.

He was leaving so I waggled my glass at him. “Wine?”

He just shook his head and walked off.

“I like the dress,” Nick said, clearly trying to distract me.

Which he did.

I sat up straighter to look down at my bridesmaid gown. At the last wedding, Jill had given me free rein, so I’d worn layers of rainbow tulle. This time, the bride had put her foot down. Angela wanted a pink satin theme, so the version I’d been given was a pink satin floor-length skirt with a cute bow at the waist—not sexy—and a tight rainbow beaded bodice which did have a V-cut to the waist.

That should have been sexy, but breasts weren’t my best asset. B cup at best. Legs were my ticket into a man’s pants, and in a long gown they weren’t getting any attention.

So I was basically screwed when it came to…getting some.

I could have felt melancholy about that too, but instead I pulled on my cranky pants and pretended to glare at Nick. “Don’t bother pretending this ‘intervention’ is motivated by warm and fuzzies.” I pointed at Louella and raised my voice to annoy him. “You’re just here so you don’t have to watch her dancing with the best looking man in the room.” Soldier boy Cal was hot, from the top of his crew cut, down past all those sculpted cheekbones to military muscles that practically burst out of his tuxedo.

All that gorgeousness had made his we hardly know each other rejection all the more painful. And yes, I probably shouldn’t have come right out and said I was available for sex. I ‘got’ that it weirded some guys out, but I frankly didn’t have time for courtship. Or maybe even foreplay. In my misery, I wanted plain, old, sweaty-between-the-sheets sex and I didn’t understand why it was so damn hard to come by—excuse the pun.

Nick tilted his head in acknowledgement of the obvious—he couldn’t bear to watch Louella dancing with someone else. To his credit, however, he managed to frown as if he was concerned when he said, “But I’m also worried about you.”

A waiter came past and I helped myself to a glass of champagne off his tray. “No you’re not. Louella sent you.”

“Louella sent me,” he agreed, snitching the drink right out of my hand and putting it out of my reach. “But I owe you for bringing me to the wedding so I could propose to her. Technically, I am your date.”


“Well then…” I narrowed my eyes, wondering just how far I could milk this. “If you plan to sleep with Louella—”

“I do.”

“Then you better set me up with someone else.”

It took him a few seconds to say, “Seriously?”

As if his disappointment knew no bounds.

But this wasn’t all about emotional neediness, it was…tradition, and he clearly needed educating, so I tapped a pink fingernail down onto the table. “Bridesmaids always get laid at a wedding. It’s law.”

“Louella didn’t at Jill’s wedding,” he countered, and he would know, because despite the fact that he was stuck at look-but-don’t-touch back then, he would have been watching her every move. “And neither did Angela,” he added, nodding at the bride in her beautiful gold sari, waltzing with another hot man I’d never get to bed—her hunky outback cowboy husband Jack Davenworth.

So what was wrong with me? Where was my hot man?

“Fritha?” Nick said, as if he was worried I’d drifted off.

Which I may have.

But belligerence saw me raising my chin. “Then I must be the only slut,” I said succinctly.

Nick only smiled, which infuriated me further. “You’re not a slut. You’re just promiscuous. Currently. And didn’t you tell me you were in a long-term relationship once with…Alex…?”

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