Hungry Like the Wolf(127)

By: Paige Tyler

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After ten years of writing performance reviews, training schedules, and after-action reports, she was finally going on a mission. Kendra Carlsen was so excited she was practically bouncing in her chair. But getting all geeked up wasn’t going to get the work on her desk done—and she had a ton to do before she left.

She was just finishing up the semiannual performance evaluation on Trevor Maxwell’s team—outstanding as usual—when intel specialist Evan Lloyd stuck his head in her office.

“Some of us are heading out for lunch. Want to come?”

Kendra was sorely tempted, but she was heading to the airport in—she looked at her watch—three hours. Yikes!

She shook her head as she kept typing. “Thanks for the invite, but I can’t. I have way too much to do before I leave.”

Evan frowned. “You going on vacation?”

Kendra had a hard time keeping the silly grin off her face. “Mission in Costa Rica.”

His eyes went wide. “Seriously?”

“Uh-huh. John wants me to evaluate a big international, interagency training exercise down there.”

“You’re going down there alone?”

She printed out the report on Trevor’s team and signed it, then attached the secret cover page on it and slid the document into an envelope. “Of course not. I’m going with Tate’s team. They’re taking part in the exercise.”

“Oh.” Evan shook his head. “Damn, that sounds cool.”

Kendra grinned. “Yeah, it does, doesn’t it?”

“Well, I’d better let you go then,” Evan said. “Watch yourself out there, okay?”

“I will.”

Kendra checked her email once more before logging off and thumbing the power button. It felt weird to shut down her computer. The only time she ever did it was when she went on vacation. And running around the hot, sweaty Costa Rican jungle for a week was going to be anything but a vacation. But she’d been begging her boss John Loughlin for months to go into the field, and now that he’d finally agreed, she was damn well going to make the most of the opportunity. Sure, she would have preferred if her first real mission had been going with Ivy and Landon to check out a hybrid research lab. Or maybe tagging along with Clayne and Danica to serve as backup the next time they took down a bad guy.

But John wasn’t ready to go that far…yet. He probably thought that if he sent her into the hot, humid, bug-ridden Costa Rican jungle, she’d hate it so much she’d never bother him about going into the field again. He was wrong. She was going to kick butt out there.