How to Love(5)

By: Kelly Jamieson

Mike smiled. “Yeah. I do. But I like getting out of the office and doing something physical too.”

Heh. He’d like to do something physical, all right, something physical with his sexy next-door-neighbor. He shook his head and turned his thoughts back to their business.

“Someone’s gotta do it.” Carlos rose from the table. He picked up his bowl and set it on the counter above the dishwasher.

Mike groaned.

“What?” Carlos looked at him.

“For fuck’s sake, in the dishwasher! Not on the dishwasher. How many times do I have to tell you?”

Carlos put the bowl in the dishwasher. “You just love riding my ass, that’s all.” He turned back to Mike and gave him a look, a heated, sexy look with those dark eyes rimmed with long dark eyelashes.

Mike’s groin tightened. “Oh yeah,” he drawled. “You got that right.” He eyed Carlos. “Speaking of doing something physical…” He moved closer, slid his hand around the back of Carlos’s neck and pulled his face in for a kiss.

“Don’t have time, babe,” Carlos murmured against his mouth.

“Sure we do.” Mike’s other hand moved to Carlos’s hip, then around to his ass and he hauled him against him. Mike’s dick swelled and lengthened and he rubbed against Carlos, who was also getting hard. Their mouths opened against each other, tongues sliding, the kiss getting deeper and hotter. Heat rushed through Mike’s veins.

“That new neighbor got you all hot and bothered,” Carlos muttered, grabbing Mike’s face in both hands.

Mike grimaced. “Maybe a little. But I’m always hot for you. You know it.”

“Yeah. But I also know you—”

Mike cut him off with another long, heated kiss and their hardening bodies pressed tighter. “C’mon,” he said. “Come back to bed.”

“Gotta go to work.”

“We’re the bosses. We can be a few minutes late.” He slid his hands up under Carlos’s shirt, sliding his palms over smooth skin and muscle. When he found Carlos’s nipples and flicked them, Carlos groaned. Mike smiled against Carlos’s mouth. He knew all his good spots, the ones that could make him moan and drop to his knees. “Wanna suck me?”


Carlos’s hands were already at the button and zipper of his shorts, and when they delved inside to grip him, heat surged right to Mike’s balls. His dick leaped at Carlos’s touch, and when Carlos lowered himself to the floor, it was his turn to groan. Mike’s head fell back, his hands slid into Carlos’s hair, and when Carlos’s mouth closed over his cock, his mind went hazy and sensation rocked through his body. Carlos’s sure hands freed his balls from his boxer briefs, cupping them with one hand, holding his dick with the other as he licked it up and down.

“Fuck,” Mike moaned. “Fuck, I love your mouth.”

Carlos made a noise in his throat, then lifted Mike’s dick and set his tongue to his balls, lapping at them with long, wet strokes that sent Mike’s mind spinning into uselessness. His hands tightened on Carlos’s head and his hips thrust helplessly toward the other man’s face.

“Oh yeah. Yeah…love that. Suck ’em. Suck my balls.”

Carlos obliged and took one testicle into his mouth, tonguing it, sucking it, then releasing it with a soft pop. He did the same to the other, then traced his tongue up the puckered seam, lingering at the base of his shaft. Mike’s chest tightened and sweat broke out on his forehead as Carlos set fire to every nerve ending in his body. Then Carlos took him in his mouth again, fiery wet, his tongue swirling around the sensitive head, his mouth pulling on him in hungry draws. Christ, he was good at this.

Mike’s thighs tensed as pressure built inside his balls, and when Carlos’s teeth caught the tender rim of his cock, exquisite pain flashed through him and heated his veins. He gave a guttural cry.

Carlos’s hands disappeared. Mike lifted his weighted head to look down and saw Carlos opening his own zipper, pulling out his dick, hard and pulsing with heavy veins. Carlos fisted himself and began to pump in quick, hard strokes. Then Carlos fingered Mike’s balls again, his mouth sliding up and down his shaft in a sublime rhythm, and Mike’s skin buzzed in anticipation. Tingles built at the base of his spine, hotter, faster. Carlos continued to jack himself as he sucked Mike, and then…fuck! Sensation exploded through Mike’s nerves, up his spine and shooting out his dick as he came, hard, pulsing against Carlos’s lips and tongue.