How to Love(121)

By: Kelly Jamieson

Her sharp inhalation proved him correct.

“I’ll be back,” he promised and turned his attention to Luke.

Luke frowned at him. “Not a good idea, kid.”

He crossed the room, stopping an inch away from the man he loved. “I think it’s a great idea. So does Ms. Flaherty.”

“I do,” Kaz breathed, her gaze pinned on them.

“I didn’t bring her here to watch us, Seth,” Luke said very softly.

“I know exactly why you brought her here,” Seth responded just as softly. “And when have we ever denied a woman what she wants when she’s with us?”

He inhaled deeply, pulling Luke’s scent inside, relishing it. Kaz’s kiss may have woken his desire, but Luke’s proximity tore him apart. Lust washed over him, hot and hard. He stepped in and pressed his mouth to Luke’s, caressing the man’s lips with his own.

Lust turned to yearning. And love. And passion. Christ, he couldn’t get enough. He kissed him more firmly, hating how Luke gave just enough to satisfy Kaz’s need to see the two of them together and no more.

Fuck that. Seth was having none of it.

He groaned against Luke’s lips, hooked an arm around his neck, pushed his hips close and dipped his tongue in the other man’s mouth.

Luke’s body was a study in rigidity. His shoulders were inflexible, his body unforgiving and his cock rock solid against Seth’s.

Oh yeah, Luke may not want to give an inch, but he didn’t have a choice. He reacted as instinctively as Seth did, rising to the call of their mutual attraction.

Or maybe Luke had risen to Seth’s attraction to Kaz. Didn’t matter. He was aroused, he was hard, and he was in Seth’s arms.

Seth deepened the kiss, running his tongue over Luke’s, caressing it with sensual strokes.

Luke growled, the sound emanating from his throat. His hand landed on Seth’s back, slamming him against his body. Luke’s other hand tangled in his hair, holding him captive, keeping his face right where Luke wanted it.

Seth was trapped, caught in Luke’s embrace, and Luke wasn’t letting go anytime soon.

Suddenly it was Luke kissing Seth, Luke in control. Luke’s tongue was tracing devastating circles over his, his lips searing Seth’s. The tension eased from Luke’s muscles, and he molded himself against Seth, grinding their cocks together.

Fuck, when Luke took control it did Seth’s head in. Made him crazy. Made him want to rip off his clothes and sacrifice himself to Luke. He’d gladly give up his body for the other man’s gratification, because as much pleasure as Luke took, he gave back a hundredfold.

Seth would have kissed Luke forever had a strangled moan not echoed through the air. He pulled away reluctantly, hating the instant coolness of the air that wafted over his swollen lips.

Luke’s breathing was unsteady, irregular. But at least he had the presence of mind to make sense of the sound and respond to it.

“Kaz,” he rasped.

Seth twisted around.

Her face was flushed, her mouth rounded into an O. Those brown eyes were enormous, feverish even, staring at him and Luke with unsuppressed passion.

“Oh, God,” she murmured. “That’s sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”