Hot Single Dad

By: Mia Madison

A Steamy Older Man Younger Woman Romance



My heart quickens when I hear him from the top of the stairs. He’s here! I didn’t even know he was visiting, but there’s no mistaking the smooth confident tones of Dad’s friend Reid.

I take a comb to my long dark hair that has a tendency to tangle and look down at my jeans and T-shirt. Should I get changed? I have clothes that would look better than this… but no, they will have to do.

I can’t risk missing him.

Maybe he’s only here on a fleeting visit, or Dad will insist they go out for a drink or something, and that will be that. I’ll miss my chance to see Reid for another few weeks or even months. He doesn’t come here that much.

Not like the old days, when Dad had a small law practice and Reid was just getting his business going and lived a few blocks away. Now he has a multinational corporation and whole legal departments. I guess he and Dad meet up in the city these days.

I open the living room door and Reid looks up. I’m sure I’m blushing, which makes me redden even more.

It’s stupid to have a crush on a guy like Reid. He used to be married to Mercia Blane, after all. A guy who can attract a movie star is not going to look twice at me. I hope neither Reid nor Dad notice me blushing, because they are going to wonder what is wrong with me, or worse, suspect the reason.

Dad barely breaks off from talking. He’s going on about the political situation in Europe. It must be some business discussion I’m gate-crashing. But I don’t care. I have to see Reid, his blue eyes, his dark hair, his smile that lights up his face and the sheer strength of the man.

He gets up, towering above me, and gives me a kiss on the cheek and a hug—a bear of a hug with his big arms and hard body. I drink in the manly scent of him; his subtle cologne is unmistakably Reid up close. I want to rub my nose on his pale blue fine cotton shirt.

“Hey, Holly. I thought you’d be back home by now. Just finished college?” he asks.

“Yes, last week. I’m looking for a job now.”

“Pity you didn’t do law or finance,” he says. “We have a great intern program.”

I wish! Imagine seeing him every day at work. But chances are, as a lowly intern, I’d only catch an occasional glimpse of him and maybe not even that. He employs thousands of people.

“Yeah, it’s not easy getting an internship in fashion. I might have to rethink that plan. Get something else, at least for the summer.” For the summer? Who am I kidding? I’m starting to think my dream career as a designer might have slipped through my fingers.

“Oh! If you just want a temporary job, I need someone to look after the twins for a couple of months.”

In his house? Seeing him all the time? I have to resist the temptation not to snatch his hand off in my haste to say yes.

“What happened to Iris?” His nanny is a kind, older lady. I know the twins adore her.

“Her friend asked her to go visit his family with him. His brother lives in Australia and then he’s planning to take her on a cruise from there, but she’s dithering about going. She doesn’t want to let me down.”

“I thought you were going to say she was retiring to live in the country or something.”

“She’s been seeing her friend for a while. I guess love can hit you at any age.” He laughs. “Anyway, if you’re interested, it would really help me out. I know I can trust you to look after the twins even when I have to travel, and I’d like to let her go on her trip and not have her feeling guilty. Plus the twins would love to spend the summer with you. What do you say?”

His gaze locks on mine. He’s expecting an answer.



“The twins would love to spend the summer with you.” Ha! I trot out that line like it was only the twins who want Holly’s company. She’s Frank’s daughter for fuck’s sake. But when I gave her that hug, feeling her soft body against mine, my cock forgot all about that. Down boy! I know I can’t go there.

I will have to be careful if she says yes to working for me. And not even think about her that way, no matter how difficult it gets. But if Iris goes on her trip, I’m going to struggle with childcare, and Jack and Katie love to see Holly.