His Touch(9)

By: Melinda Minx

I bite my lip and flash her an evil grin, and then I slap my thick cock onto her wet and swollen outer lips. She lets out a yelp, and her whole body shudders. She looks up at me with raw and untempered lust.

I need to sink my cock into her. I can’t wait any longer.

I guide my head to her opening, and it’s so much tighter than I could have possibly imagined.

“Jesus, Elise…”

Her face burns red, and I press slowly in. She’s gushing wet, but her pussy squeezes me and fights for every fraction of an inch.

I groan as I press m head halfway inside her, and I see her face tight and clenched.

“Relax,” I whisper. “Just relax.”

She bites her lip and nods.

“Focus on your breathing,” I say.

When I see her shoulders fall, and the lines on her forehead smooth, I press further in. She’s still tighter than anyone I’ve ever had, but I slide in now with steady progress.

“Oh!” she shouts. “Wow.”

I laugh, my head is all the way inside her, and my veiny shaft is pressing in, stretching her wider as I go.

“You’re so tight and wet, Elise, I never want to pull out of you.”

“I’m...I’m on birth control, so…”

“So I’m going to come inside you,” I say, feeling a wild exhilaration explode in my chest. “I’m going to pump every last drop up into you as you cum.”

Her eyes widen, and her legs wrap around me. I feel her heels dig into me.

“I think I’ll like that, Hunter.”

I buck my hips and press deep into her. Her tight wetness envelopes my cock, and I have to stop right there and focus on my breathing. I feel like I’m in fucking high school again, like there’s an actual risk that I will cum before I’m ready. But I never cum until the woman does, and I’d never forgive myself if I broke that rule with Elise. I want to make her cum all over my cock more than I’ve ever wanted anyone to--I realize I actually care how she feels. Usually, when I make a woman cum, it’s a big ego trip. I don’t really care how she feels beyond how it makes me feel.

But with Elise? I realize I want her to feel everything I can give her, and it’s not about me this time. Shit...I hope I’m not going soft.

My cock twitches deep inside her, and her pussy clenches against me. Nope, definitely not going soft. I’m still rock-hard.

I slide in the last few inches, until my balls are pressed up against her.

“I can’t believe it fits,” Elise says in wonder.

“Neither can I,” I say. I really can’t believe it, not after how tight she was.

And she’s still tight. As I move in and out of her, it’s tight as ever--if she weren’t as soaking wet as she was, it would never fit.

I start to fuck her hard--for all I’m worth. My balls slap against her with each thrust, and her heels dig deep into my back. My body becomes slick with sweat, and I slide against her soft skin as I fuck her into oblivion.

Nothing feels as good as fucking her raw, and knowing I can come over and over deep inside her. Sometimes I do enjoy pulling out and coming on a woman, but this time with Elise, nothing will feel better than filling her up with my seed.

After several minutes, I pull out of her, and her eyes widen.

“Hunter, please...I need you to--”

“On your knees,” I say. My voice is gravel now, I don’t want her to disobey or question me.

She flips over and gets on her knees. Without even having to tell her further, she bends down with her face against the pillow. Her ass stays up in the air, and her pussy and glorious ass are up in the air and begging for me.

I look down at my cock, it’s twitching in expectation, and it’s covered in her thick cream.

I smile wide, grip her beautiful hips and ass with both hands, and plunge back inside her.

“Wow!” she shouts.

I start to pump her.

“It’s different,” she says between moans, “than before, I can feel--ah!”

Yeah. My cock is sliding across her fucking g-spot now. I doubt those douchebags she’s been with before lasted long enough to even lightly graze her g-spot. Even if they tried, they probably weren’t even big enough to.

I dig my fingers into the thick flesh of her ass. Even though her waist is so tiny, her hips are fucking perfect and curvy as hell. She’s unbelievable, and even though I haven’t come yet, she’s easily the best fuck I’ve ever had.

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