His Touch(8)

By: Melinda Minx

“You’re ripped,” she says. “You’re not that old, Hunter.”

I laugh. “I’m thirty-six. Twice your age.”

She starts to mouth words silently and tap her thumb against her fingers.

“Are you doing math?” I ask.

“I’m doing the formula,” she says. “Hold on.”

She frowns.

I laugh. “What is the formula?”

“I take my age, subtract it by seven, and divide by two.”

“Twenty-two,” I say. I don’t need any time to do such simple math. “Is that the oldest you’re supposed to date?”

“It’s just a stupid formula,” she says, pouting.

I grin. “I can date a 58-year-old.”

She rolls her eyes. “It scales a lot as you get older. In just a few years, I’d be old enough to date you.”

“We don’t have to date,” I say, looking down at her wet pussy.

“Oh?” she asks, raising an eyebrow. “So you just want to have coffee with me, and then never see me again?”

No. I realize it now. One time with her won’t be nearly enough, will it? She’s a drug, and I’m already addicted after only one taste. I need to sink my cock deep inside her and fill her up with my seed, and then I’ll need her again and again.

And then I think of Nadine. How am I going to do what I need to do for Sencorp and image while dating a fucking 18-year-old?

I shake my head and push those thoughts aside. It’s not something I’ll worry about now.

“I want you,” I say. “Right now.”

“But Hunter,” she says, her voice pretending to be worried. “The formula…”

“First lesson in business,” I say, unbuckling my belt, “is to never trust a fucking formula. You don’t run a business by trusting cookie-cutter shit or painting by numbers. You listen to your gut and your instinct.”

I throw my belt to the ground and unbutton my jeans. Elise’s eyes are locked onto my crotch. I have no idea if she’s listening to a word I say. I don’t really even fucking care.

“So,” she says. “If it feels right, I do it?”

“Yeah,” I say. “Exactly.”

Or, I think to myself, you do it if it feels wrong. If it feels wrong and this good, then you also just do it. I keep that piece of advice to myself.

“It felt really right, Hunter,” she says. “What you did to me.”

“Good,” I say. “So we throw out the formula and do what feels right. What feels good.”

She nods, licking her lips. “Yeah.”

Her eyes are locked on the big bulge in my pants. I pull the zipper down and drop my jeans.

My briefs are squeezing my cock, but it’s struggling--and almost succeeding--to burst out.

“Jesus,” she says, wide-eyed.

“Never had one this big?” I ask.

There’s no point in being fucking modest. I know I’m big, I might as well act like it.

She shakes her head as her cheeks blush.

“Take it out,” I say.

She’s on her knees in an instant. She crawls across the bed toward me, her long hair hanging down, partially draped across her shoulders as she moves.

She grabs my underwear by the waist with two fingers, and tugs.

“Stop wasting time,” I bark.

She grips my cock through the underwear, and my eyes roll back in my head. Her hands feel so tiny on my thick rod, and the warmth from her is more than I can bear.

“Off,” I whisper.

She pulls my underwear down, and my cock springs up.

“Whoa,” she says, laughing, her voice and her laugh sounds childish.

God, it’s wrong. And it feels so good.

She squeezes the base of my cock, and eyes it in wonder. It’s probably the first time she’s held a real man’s dick in her hand.

“Get on your back,” I order. “And spread your legs.”

“Don’t you want me to--”

“No,” I say, cutting her off. “I want to fuck you, Elise, right now.”

I shove her back and she lands flat on her back. I grab her feet and push her legs back.

“You’re so big, Hunter,” she says, sounding scared. “Please be…”

“I’ll be gentle,” I say. “At least at first.”

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